​​​​​​​​​Important information about myUHN
  • You can see your results as soon as they are ready. Your results may change or be updated after you see them.
  • You may see your results before you see your doctor at your next appointment.
  • If you have questions, your health care team will explain your results.
  • Your health care team will contact you if they need to see you before your next appointment.
  • myUHN may not show all of your appointments. If an appointment does not appear, follow the instructions your clinic provided you.
  • Watch this video(video en fran​çais)​ or read this brochure to learn what you need to know about using myUHN. 

    Do you have questions about myUHN Patient Portal? Find the answers you are looking for below.


    Contact Us

    Questions about sign in, registration, registration codes or using myUHN?
    Email: myUHN@uhn.ca
    Phone: 416 340 3777
    Monday - Friday
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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    For questions about appointment scheduling, test results, reports, discharge summaries and clinic notes, please contact your UHN health care provider.

    Having quick and safe access to your health record can help you:

  • keep track of your appointments and results
  • remember what you talked to your health care team about
  • prepare for your appointments
  • better understand and manage your care
  • share information with others, like trusted family members and friends or health care providers outside UHN
  • Watch this e-learning module​ to learn more about how using myUHN can help you.

    Having a myUHN account will not replace any part of the care you normally receive at UHN. myUHN is an added service that can improve your patient experience. It can do this by providing you with your health information quickly and conveniently.

    myUHN may not show all of your appointments and results.

    If an appointment does not appear, follow the instructions your clinic provided you. If you need a copy of a result that does not appear in myUHN, you can ask for a copy from Health Record Services (for a fee).

    Results and reports from health care providers outside UHN are not available in myUHN.

    If you have any questions about what does and does not appear in your myUHN account, please contact myUHN Support by calling 416 340 3777 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday or emailing myUHN@uhn.ca
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    Having access to your UHN health record online means you can regularly check to make sure your information is correct. We make every effort to avoid mistakes, but they can and do sometimes happen. Your help in finding and reporting them improves the safety of your care.

    It's very important to correct your health record if something is wrong or missing that could affect your treatment now or in the future. For example: 

  • Check to see that your name, address, phone, and other contact information on the home page of your portal account is correct.
  • Review any notes about meetings you had with your doctor or member of your health care team. Check that your symptoms, medications, test results, and plan for treatment are correct.
  • If you think there is a mistake, but you are not sure, it's always better to contact your health care team to confirm the information.

    • If you want to update or correct your name, address, phone or other contact information, please contact your clinic or let them know the next time you check in for your appointment.
    • If you want to make a change to your health records (like reports or clinic notes), talk to your doctor. They may refer you to Health Records Services to fill out a form.

    No. myUHN does not include communication tools such as email or Internet chat.

    You can sign into your myUHN account on a tablet or smartphone.

    You can also use any computer that has Internet. Places like UHN Patient Education Libraries or public libraries have computers for visitors to use. Always be very careful about protecting your personal health information when you are using a public computer. Learn what you can do to protect your health information when you are using a public computer. 

    No. You can only see your personal health information in myUHN, not change it. To update your personal information, please call your clinic or speak to a member of your health care team at your next appointment.

    Yes. You can ask for a printed copy of your personal health records at the Health Record Services office at UHN (for a fee).

    No, myUHN is only available in English.

     myUHN supports the following commonly used web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

    Please make sure you keep your web browser up-to-date by downloading the latest versions.

    No. Because the portal provides access to your entire patient record, only you can invite someone to be a shared access user (after you register for your portal account).

    If you become incapable, your SDM can request to access your record through Health Record Services at 416 946 4501 ext. 4711 or healthrecordservices@uhn.ca.

    More information about Substitute Decision Makers & Powers of Attorney for Personal Care

    Watch this e-learning module to learn more about SDMs and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care.

    To register for myUHN, you will need to get a registration code in person. Follow these 3 steps to register.

    No. You must come in person to a UHN site with a piece of government-issued photo identification to get a registration code. Your clinic cannot give you a registration code over the phone or by email.

    If you do not have an appointment coming up in the near future, please contact myUHN Support at 416 340 3777 for a registration code. 

    You must have a personal email address to create a myUHN account. To protect your privacy, do not use email addresses that you share with other people.

    If you don't have your own email address, there are free Internet email providers available for you to create one. It usually takes a few minutes to create an account. Some Internet email providers include mail.yahoo.comwww.gmail.com, and www.outlook.com. For more information about how to create an email account, please visit wikiHow.

    No. Your registration code is not your myUHN password. You only need the registration code to create your myUHN Patient Portal account. When you create an account, you will choose a password and use it to sign into your account. Your registration code will expire after you use it or 30 days from the date you received it.

    If you forget your email address or password:

    1. Go to www.myuhn.ca
    2. Click the "Forgot email address" or "Forgot password" link under the "Sign in" button.
    3. Enter the information needed to verify your identity.
    4. Check your email. It will have your email address or instructions for how to reset your password.

    If you are still having problems, please contact myUHN Support by calling 416 340 3777 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday or emailing myUHN@uhn.ca

    If your registration code does not work, it may have expired. For your security, your registration code expires 30 days from the date you received it or after the first time you use it. You can find the expiry date on the registration code printout. If your registration code has expired, please visit a UHN hospital to get a new one.

    If your code is not expired but does not work, contact myUHN Support by calling 416 340 3777 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday or emailing myuhn@uhn.ca

    Please make sure you click on the link in the email you received at the end of your registration within 48 hours to activate your account. If you are still having problems, please contact myUHN Support by calling 416 340 3777 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday or emailing myuhn@uhn.ca