​​​​​We are composed of seven divisions and more than two dozen specialized clinics and services. Our program provides support to a complex and diverse range of patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. We are located across UHN at four sites – Toronto General, Toronto Western, Toronto Rehab and Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. In addition, we operate specialized clinics within the community.

We are home to Canada's largest medical psychiatry team serving some of the country’s most complex patients who suffer from comorbid physical and mental illnesses. We are also Toronto's second-largest mental health research hospital. We are in a unique position to drive the integration of physical and mental health care forward in partnership with patients, caregivers and care providers.

Health Care Professionals

Our team of 114 psychiatrists and 200+ health professionals annually support 123,000 outpatient visits.

Our acute care units provide inpatient beds and deliver immediate and intensive psychiatric support to patients in crisis at Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals and through a specialized dementia unit at Toronto Rehab.

Additional psychiatric support is provided across UHN sites via a special service that embed mental health care support into the treatment of patients with complex physical illnesses such as cancer or transplantation care, among other types.


We offer clinical placements and training for medical students, nursing students, physician assistant trainees, residents, fellows, social workers, occupational and recreational therapists. Learning opportunities are available in a number of fields, including psychiatric care, medical psychiatry, neuropsychiatry and seniors' mental health. Our teachers are renowned for their innovation and administrative leadership and offer openings for trainees to work at the interface between mental and physical health. Read more about our education program »


As an academic health sciences centre, we provide clinical and research opportunities to medical and other health professionals. We have a long and productive history of conducting groundbreaking research integrating patient care and clinical investigations that spans genetics, biomarkers, neuroscience, innovative treatments and culture, equity and social determinants of health. Read more about our research program »

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