Imagine a world where all of your health needs – both physical and mental – are assessed, diagnosed and treated as a whole. Where you partner with your healthcare provider for the right help, at the right time, free from stigma and discrimination. A world where whole-person health is the standard of care.

This bold vision is the future of health care at UHN. We are working to fully integrate physical and mental health in everything we do, for every patient, caregiver, provider and service UHN-wide. We know that patient and caregiver expectations are shifting. Variable quality in mental health care, long wait times and fragmented care pathways are no longer acceptable. We also know that outcomes are poorer for those with physical and mental comorbidities, with their lives being shortened by 15 to 20 years.

Having both a mental and a physical health condition worsens the prognosis for both conditions because of complexities that arise in diagnosis and management. Physical health conditions and required treatments can directly affect brain function and bring about mental health conditions. They may also increase stress through many biological, psychological and social mechanisms leading to the onset of new or the exacerbation of pre-existing mental health conditions. Treating co-occurring physical and mental health conditions requires specialized expertise that is not available in other care settings.

Integrating physical and mental wellness throughout the healthcare system is the top priority at UHN. Through the Centre for Mental Health, we will fill a gap in care and improve outcomes for patients of all ages experiencing both physical and mental illness.​