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Testing is by appointment only — no walk-ins.
If you meet the eligibility criteria, book your appointment using our online form
Or use the QR code to connect to the booking form.

QR code for covid 19 online booking test 

  • Note — If you have the COVID alert app installed on your phone, we recommend you turn it off while at the testing centre, or ignore notifications during that time period.
  • New appointment slots released daily at 8:00 am
  • You may need to wait outside before entering the building – please dress for the weather
  • If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it so we can release the spot to someone else who needs it. Cancellation instructions are in the email confirmation you receive when you book your appointment
  • We are fully wheelchair accessible and have translation services on-site
  • If you are unable to use the online booking tool, or require AODA accommodation, please speak to the security guard at the entrance
  • Note – Please do not call the hospital to book an appointment. We can only book appointments through the online booking form.


347 Bathurst St. (northeast corner of Bathurst and Dundas Streets)


Monday to Friday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Age restrictions: No children under the age of 1 year.

You do not need a health card to get tested, but please bring your OHIP card if you have one.


Who Can Get Tested at an Assessment Centre?

Based on the current Ontario government testing guidelines for COVID-19 tests at Assessment Centres, you must meet one of the criteria below to be tested.

  • You have COVID-19 symptoms
  • You are a direct contact of someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19
  • You have been recommended for testing by Toronto Public Health
  • You are notified on the COVID Alert app
  • Members of TeamUHN that work on a unit that is on heightened surveillance or declared outbreak.
  • In addition, the following groups are eligible for testing at assessment centres, even if you do not have symptoms. Currently, these are:
    • Workers in long-term care homes
    • Essential caregivers visiting a long-term care home
    • Residents or workers in shelters, or other congregate settings
    • Pre-operative patients or patients undergoing cancer therapy
    • Farm workers
    • Indigenous communities

Please note, we do not test for travel. Additionally, if you have had a positive test within the last 90 days, we will not repeat the test unless you are exhibiting new/different symptoms or are recommended to re-test by your Public Health Unit.

Testing in pharmacies is available if you do not have COVID symptoms. See the full list of participating pharmacies here. Please note, the TWH Shoppers Drug Mart DOES NOT offer COVID-19 testing.

What you need to know before your COVID-19 test

  1. When you arrive at the Toronto Western COVID-19 Assessment Centre, you will be registered in UHN’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.
  2. You will then be tested by one of our clinicians.
  3. You will be able to check your test results online through the UHN COVID-19 Results Viewer, or the Ontario COVID-19 Portal website. If you have a myUHN Patient Portal, you will see your results in your patient account. Results are available within 12-48 hours.

Follow-up Call

  • If you test positive for COVID-19 (test result says "detected") you will receive a follow-up phone call from a UHN health care provider. This is so that we can check how you are doing and provide more information about your test results and what to do next.
  • Please note: the caller ID may display as "UNIV HLTH NTWK", "No Caller ID" or "Unknown Number" when we call you. Please answer the call.
  • If you have registered for the myUHN Patient Portal, you will be able to see the appointment details in your account. Results are available within 12-48 hours. If you do not have an account, visit the myUHN Patient Portal webpage for information about how to register.
  • You may withdraw your consent for the follow-up phone call at any time by contacting Connected COVID Care by:

Please note: If you do not have access to the internet or a valid health care number, you can contact Connected COVID Care by phone at 416 340 4800 ext. 8456 or email at to book an appointment to review your results virtually.

Please follow up with your primary health care provider (e.g., family doctor, physician, or nurse practitioner) if you have additional questions.

I Was Tested for COVID-19 Today. What Are My Next Steps?