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COVID-19: Information for Visitors

UHN has joined other Ontario hospitals in moving to a No Visitor policy, with exceptions on compassionate grounds and other special safety needs. This includes, no companions or family members for clinic and other treatment appointments without obtaining prior approval from the unit or clinic manager. This extremely difficult decision has been made to protect the safety of patients and health care workers.

Can I have visitors while I am in the hospital?

No, we are not allowing visitors in the hospital at this time to protect them from COVID-19 transmission. We understand how difficult this is. Patient and staff safety is our top priority.

When can an exception be made?

The unit manager may approve visitors in advance for a patient in a special situation such as:

  • Patients who are receiving end-of-life care or are critically ill. We may ask visitors to visit only 1 time each day.
  • Patients who have just had urgent surgery or are frail and need an escort/family member for their safety.

Important: Please do not come to the hospital if arrangements have not be made in advance with the unit manager. All visitors must pass the screening criteria before they are allowed in the hospital. This means they cannot have any symptoms: fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or shortness of breath, and they cannot have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

Can I bring a family member or other companion to my appointment or during treatment?

No. This policy applies to all visits — including clinical appointments, tests and treatments, and ambulatory care. If there is a specific concern for your situation, please call your clinic or appropriate area to obtain approval before arriving at the hospital.

Who can I contact if I disagree with a decision to not allow visitors for my situation?

Speak with the unit manager first. You may contact Patient Relations at 416 340 4907 or if you need more help after speaking with the unit manager.