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Why we're asking our patients, visitors and vendors to wear a mask

Everyone entering UHN is now required to wear a mask. Patients will need to wear a mask during appointments, outpatient treatment or while visiting UHN. This policy also applies to pre-approved companions and visitors, and vendors, suppliers and contractors.

COVID-19 may be spread by people who do not have any symptoms. This is why we are asking you to wear a mask.

When you arrive:

  • Entrance screening staff will give you a mask and explain how to put it on properly. They will only give one mask per day.
  • If you are already wearing a mask, they will check to be sure it is effective. If it's not, they will give you a mask.
  • Make sure the mask is covering both your nose and mouth at all times.
  • If you need to remove it to eat or drink, clean your hands first and remove it carefully. Do not touch your face.
  • Continue to maintain physical distancing (2 metres) inside the hospital.
  • Always use clean hands when putting on or taking off your mask.

Can I wear my own disposable/reusable mask?

Entrance screening staff will check it to be sure it is effective and meets certain standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Masks that have exhale vents or valves will not be approved. Such masks do not prevent your germs from spreading to others.

Disposable masks must be:

  • New and clean
  • Worn properly according to the maker’s instructions. All attached ear loops, straps or ties should be used properly.
  • Free of tears, holes or vents

Reusable cloth masks:

  • Freshly washed
  • Fit snugly against your face
  • Made of multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow you to breathe easily

We suggest you bring a plastic bag to place your reusable mask in, in the event that you need to remove it and use a mask provided by the hospital.

If you have questions or health concerns about wearing a mask, please let the entrance screening staff or your health care team know.