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The speech-language pathology group at UHN is actively involved with many research projects. We are proud to be affiliated with the Speech-Language Pathology Department at University of Toronto. We participate in projects in collaboration with the University of Toronto Swallowing Lab (Director: Rosemary Martino), the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Swallowing Rehabilitation Research Lab (Director: Catriona Steele), the Communication Function Laboratory (Elizabeth Rochon and Pascal van Lieshout) and KITE.

We support many innovation projects across all sites. Here are a few examples of innovative projects that are currently underway.

Sucheta Heble and Martin Vera, outpatient SLPs at Toronto Rehab (Acquired Brain Injury), have been involved in an exciting multi-site, randomized control research study for the past two and a half years as group facilitators of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for patients with TBI and depression. Sucheta and Martin hope to offer MBCT in groups to current patients with ABI in their outpatient settings.

Andrea Gomes, Speech-Language Pathologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, was awarded a UHN Allied Health Innovation Award for creating an exercise program for patients undergoing radiation of the head or neck.

SLP clinicians at UHN have given lectures locally and all over the globe (including USA, UK and South Africa) on many topics and areas of specialization. UHN supports clinicians to share their work and ideas with the world. For further information on recent presentations, please contact Taylor Strande at

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