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Picture of people standing togetherThe Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) group strongly supports the continuing professional development of staff members. We support our staff by encouraging attendance at conferences, meetings and other events. UHN also provides a range of educational opportunities to develop skills, for example research courses, leadership courses, career development courses and more.

SLPs are also involved in a wide variety of educational events. Some of these include:

The UHN International Dysphagia Interest Group meets to learn and share knowledge in the area of swallowing and swallowing disorders. Quarterly sessions are organized through Zoom, where clinicians and researchers from across the globe volunteer to present on a topic of their choice. For questions or to be added to the distribution list please contact

Some UHN SLPs are involved in knowledge translation projects (Continued Professional Development Projects) related to specific areas of clinical interest. Recent projects have included the development of a care pathway for spinal cord patients and standardizing procedures during video-fluoroscopic swallow studies.​

SLPs at UHN are community leaders in the field of clinical education. We are an accredited teaching organization. We maintain a strong relationship with the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto so that our SLPs can take part in many aspects of the graduate students' curriculum.

We provide over 24 student placements per year. Students from other universities are also eligible to be placed at UHN, though U of T students have first priority.

SLP educators at UHN are supported by various educational opportunities. Completing online clinical educator training modules​ is encouraged. Clinical educators and students are sup​​​​ported by the SLP student fieldwork coordinator at UHN. Exceptional clinical educators and groups are eligible to be nominated for teaching awards, including the Wightman-Berris Medical Academy Awards​. Internal awards may be given for outstanding clinical supervision and excellence in clinical education. 

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Sherry Darling, Student Fieldwork Coordinator (TWH/TGH/PMH)

Lisa McQueen, Education Site Coordinator (TRI)

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