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A podcast about the people behind world-leading research at UHN

Behind the Breakthrough enters its fourth season of showcasing groundbreaking medical research and people behind it at UHN. This season features an all-star cast of award winning scientists, including Scientist Emerita Dr. Eleanor Fish whose research into a naturally occurring protein in our bodies called interferons shows they are a highly effective therapeutic for the treatment of viruses, and Dr. Shaf Keshavjee and the story of how he invented a perfusion machine that can sustain and repair damaged lungs outside the body, making them healthy for transplantation.

Listeners will hear world-renowned stem cell scientist Dr. Gordon Keller reveal how his early years growing up on a mixed farm in rural Saskatchewan and returning to help his parents with the fall harvest throughout his undergrad years helped shape his work ethic in the lab. Dr. Lorraine Kalia trained for years with Canada's National Ballet School and rose to the corps de ballet of the National Ballet of Portugal before pivoting her career to the pursuit of an early intervention treatment for Parkinson's disease. And Dr Jonathan Irish speaks to how he was a five-time provincial canoeing champion on a path to competing for Canada at the Olympic Games when he decided helping patients conquer cancer was to be his chosen path.

Listen for new episodes of Behind the Breakthrough every Wednesday starting October 12.

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Dr. Rama Khokha

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Episode 8 – Dr. Rama Khokha on her breakthrough to map the biology of pancreatic cancer

Air Date: November 30, 2022 | Length: 34:50 | Download the transcript

Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive cancer with poor survival rates. Huge contributors to the dire outcome is the fact it is typically diagnosed at an advanced stage, has only limited treatments, and no cure. This is what makes the recent breakthrough discovery of Dr. Rama Khokha and her lab so profound. In this episode of Behind the Breakthrough podcast, the UHN senior scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre walks us through her recent world-first discovery of successfully mapping the biology of a pancreatic cancer tumor. Dr. Khokha found three distinct tumour microenvironments [TME's] for pancreatic cancer – Resistant; Deserted; and Intermediate. The Resistant TME for example was found to be the most aggressive, while the Deserted MTE was found to resist – and grow – during chemotherapy.

Dr. Khokha's mapping now gives researchers a clear understanding of the behaviour of pancreatic cancer. And her discovery will have far-reaching impact – contributing to more research for precise new treatments, the potential for earlier diagnosis, as well applying her mapping technique to other cancers such as colorectal and lung cancer.

Dr. Khokha also speaks to her drive to make discoveries where there is unmet need in cancer research, including breast cancer prevention and new treatment and prevention of osteosarcoma – the cancer Terry Fox had.

Also in the podcast, Dr. Khokha talks about the qualities she believes are integral to a successful medical researcher, the emergence of her love of science while growing up in Delhi, India, and, setting out on her own at just 21 years of age to start anew in Canada to follow her dream - the pursuit a PhD and becoming a world-class medical researcher.

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Episode 1 – Dr. Heather Ross on heart failure, artificial intelligence and a near-death experience
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