Bridging research and clinical work, Dr. Baltzer's approach considers both the economic burden of hand and wrist injuries, and how different delivery-of-care models affect patient outcomes

Air Date: November 10, 2020 | Length: 31:26

Dr. Heather Baltzer

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About the Episode

Hand trauma sends more Canadians to the emergency room each year than any other injury, something this episode's guest refers to as an "unrecognized public health issue." Dr. Heather Baltzer joins us to discuss her pioneering research to improve both the treatment and outcomes for people suffering hand trauma, as well as the effect such traumas can have on both the patient and the healthcare system at large. Dr. Baltzer also discusses the importance of mentorship, the role of serendipity in research and recreating The New Yorker Magazine cover depicting an all-female surgical team that turned into a rallying cry for women surgeons around the world.

About Dr. Baltzer

Dr. Baltzer is a hand surgeon and a clinician investigator at University Health Network and Krembil Research Institute. She is the Director of the Toronto Western Hand Program with a clinical interest in peripheral nerve and hand surgery. Dr. Baltzer's research focuses on health care utilization and population health economics among hand trauma populations using large administrative databases. She also has an active translational research program focusing on basilar thumb arthritis.

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Heather Baltzer as child 

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