Behind the Breakthrough special edition with Dr. Brad Wouters launches Season 3 of UHN podcast

Air Date: October 12, 2021 | Length: 54:52

Brad Wouters

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Episode Description:

Season Three of UHN's two-time Canadian Podcast Awards nominated "Behind the Breakthrough" launches October 12, 2021, with a special COVID-19 episode featuring a provocative and wide-ranging conversation with UHN Executive Vice President of Science and Research, Dr. Brad Wouters. Dr. Wouters highlights some of the UHN Research teams' leading-edge COVID-19 treatments and discoveries, including world-first investigations that demonstrated Heparin prevents deadly blood clots in COVID patients with mild symptoms, and, a third dose of the COVID vaccine dramatically improves protection against the virus for immune-compromised transplant patients.

Dr. Wouters also discusses the triumph of basic science to create the COVID-19 mRNA-based vaccines, and, how and when does this pandemic end. Plus, he speaks to a challenge he sees on the horizon for medical research in Canada — how to maintain the tremendous public profile and support it now enjoys once the pandemic fades away.

About Dr. Wouters
Ontario's first COVID-19 Vaccine at UHN in December 2019 

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Dr. Brad Wouters is an internationally recognized leader and cancer researcher. He became Executive Vice President of Science and Research at UHN in 2016 and prior to that served as the Interim Director of Research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre since 2014. He joined UHN in 2008 as Senior Scientist and Director of the Princess Margaret Hypoxia Program, and has held faculty appointments at the University of Toronto in the Department of Medical Biophysics and the Department of Radiation Oncology since that time. Prior to joining UHN, Dr. Wouters was Professor and Head of Experimental Radiation Oncology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. As EVP of Science and Research, Dr. Wouters is focused on creating an environment that incentivizes, facilitates, and rewards excellence in basic, translational, and clinical research across all elements of UHN.

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