World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Heather Ross on her pioneering research and career journey.

Air Date: October 8, 2019 | Length: 42:07

Heather Ross

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Episode Description

In this episode of Behind the Breakthrough we hear from cardiologist Dr. Heather Ross about her pioneering work with artificial intelligence and how it can be used to predict heart failure, how she handles failure — including two rejections from medical school — and how a brush with death brought her closer to her patients than ever before.

We also learn that as a child she liked to bring home stray animals and nurse them back to health — the first indication she was destined for a career in health care.

About Dr. Heather Ross

Heather in suit around age 10

Dr. Heather Ross is a world-renowned cardiologist, division head of cardiology at Sinai Health System and UHN's Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC), and director of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research at the PMCC. Dr. Ross is pioneering research in artificial intelligence to improve the lives of patients suffering heart failure.

A shining beacon of the PMCC program, she is a mentor, musician, traveler and founder of Test Your Limits — an initiative that raises awareness of heart health and organ donation through high-profile treks around the world with doctors, donors and even a heart transplant patient.

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