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UHNWomen is a program to help empower and further uplift TeamUHN and A Healthier World. Women face unique gender-based challenges that span across a wide spectrum. An uplifted culture inspiring and generating interpersonal and organizational support, openness, resources, partnership, multi-directional learning and mentorship, and more, will improve outcomes for all, including staff and patients across all career levels.


Equal opportunity for all.

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Strategic Planning

With the guidance of the UHNWomen Steering Committee, UHN is currently embarking on a strategic planning process. Goals include defining the multi-year strategic vision and priorities for UHNWomen, and developing short- and long-term implementation plan with the execution of early, visible initiatives. Stay tuned.

Meet the Steering Committee
UHNWomen Strategic Plan, 2022 – 2025
Catherine Wang
Catherine Wang
Executive Co-sponsor

Catherine Wang

Executive Co-sponsor, UHN Women
Vice President, Clinical Operations & Diagnostics, UHN

Brian Hodges
Brian Hodges
Executive Co-sponsor

Brian Hodges

Executive Co-sponsor, UHN Women
Chief Medical Officer; Executive Vice President, Education

Sheila O’Brien
Sheila O’Brien
Executive Co-sponsor

Sheila O’Brien

Executive Co-sponsor, UHN Women
Executive Vice President of People, Culture and Community, UHN

Core Values

Boldness We are committed to being courageous, to speaking up and to taking actions that will shape a better future for our workforce.

Open-Mindedness We are committed to being responsive to our changing environment, as well as willing to take smart risks and to learn from our experiences.

Equity We are committed to enabling people with different strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds to grow, succeed and be themselves in the workplace.

Integrity We are committed to being honest, transparent, ethical and fair, and to act in a trustworthy manner that aligns with our words.

UHNWomen Steering Committee

UHNWomen launched its 2022 to 2025 Strategic Plan  thanks to guidance and direction from the Steering Committee.

UHNWomen Executive Co-sponsors

Catherine Wang – Vice President, Clinical, UHN
Brian Hodges – Executive Vice President, Education; Chief Medical Officer, UHN
Sheila O’Brien – Executive Vice President of People, Culture and Community

Steering Committee

  • Melanie Anderson - Communications Specialist, Laboratory Medicine Program and JDMI, UHN
  • Shivali Barot - Clinical Application Analyst, Synapse, UHN
  • Maxime Billick - Chief Medical Resident, Internal Medicine, UHN
  • Jennifer Catton – Director, Outpatient Strategy & Diagnostic Performance, UHN
  • Laura Desveaux – Women Who Lead Founder and Scientific Lead & Learning Health System Program Lead, Trillium Health Partners
  • Sané Dube - Manager, Community and Policy, Gattuso Centre for Social Medicine
  • Diana Elder – Executive Director, People & Culture, UHN
  • Andrea Etherington – Director, Michener Institute of Education and Chief Medical Officer portfolio, UHN
  • Camila Greggianin – Clinical Fellow, Thoracic Surgery, UHN
  • Karen Hanna – UHN Patient Partner
  • Moira Kapral – Lillian Love Chair in Women’s Health, UHN
  • Jessica Lam – Registered Nurse (NRT), UHN
  • Nikki Marks – Nurse Practitioner, UHN
  • Sheena Melwani – Program Manager, Smart Cancer Care, UHN
  • Patricia Murphy – Chair, Medical Advisory Committee, UHN
  • Sheila O'Brien – EVP, People, Culture and Community, UHN
  • Luwam Ogbaselassie - Implementation Lead, Gattuso Centre for Social Medicine
  • Gloria Pakravan - Senior Director, Talent Management, People & Culture, UHN
  • Lisa Richardson – Internist, UHN; Vice Chair, Culture and Inclusion, UofT Department of Medicine
  • Andie Saade – MRT Trainee, Radiation Medicine, UHN
  • Jacqueline Silvera – Diversity and Mediation Services, UHN
  • Kathryn Tinckam – Physician-in-Chief, UHN
  • Andrea Vearncombe - Senior Director, Total Rewards, Compensation and Benefits, UHN
  • Nikki Woods – Director, The Institute for Education Research (TIER), UHN
  • Tiffany Wu – UHN Patient Partner
  • Azadeh Yadollahi – Scientist, Toronto Rehab Institute; Chair, IDEA, UHN Research
  • Miyo Yamashita - President and CEO, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
  • Gelareh Zadeh – Head, Neurosurgery and Co-Director, Krembil Brain Institute, UHN

Project Manager

Bryanna Nyhof - Senior Business Analyst, Joint Department of Medical Imaging

Project Support

  • Karen Weiser - Manager, Office of Strategy Management
  • Samantha Palmer - Health Data Policy & Communications Specialist, UHN DATA Team
  • Liz Beddall - Communications Specialist, Virtual and Outpatient Care, UHN

Current Work

UHN Women's Health Program

The UHN Women's Health Program is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on promoting excellence in research, education, and clinical care in women's health, and supporting the advancement of women in medicine. Learn more »

UHN’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

UHNWomen is proud to learn from and partner with various programs and Employee Resource Groups at UHN – including the Black Legacy Committee, LGBTQ+ Committee, and Accessibility Committee – in addition to colleagues in the Indigenous Health Program. Together, we can help deliver A Healthier World.

Working Moms Mentorship Program

This program provides education and advocacy for moms within UHN as well as access to a safe and welcoming network. Moms are provided with 1:1 mentorship from another colleague who is experiencing a similar parenting and career journey. Support is provided to women before, during and after maternity leave.

Lactation Rooms

UHNWomen has also been deeply involved in the initiative to create secure, clean, and private space at each site for nursing mothers to express and store milk during working hours. By the end of 2023, new lactation rooms will be available to UHN staff at all sites.

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UHNWomen Executive Co-sponsors

  • Catherine Wang – Vice President, Clinical Operations & Diagnostic Partnerships, UHN
  • Brian Hodges – Chief Medical Officer; Executive Vice President, Education, UHN
  • Sheila O’Brien – Executive Vice President of People, Culture and Community, UHN

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