The UHN Women's Health Program is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on promoting excellence in research, education, and clinical care in women's health, and supporting the advancement of women in medicine.

Women's Health Program Summer Studentship

The WHP summer student scholarship competition is now open and accepting applications for 2023 to undergraduate students, medical students, and students enrolled in course-based graduate programs.

The competition is open until March 31, 2023 offering awards of $5,000 for 3 months (June to August).

As only a limited number of studentships are available, applications will be judged and the successful students and supervisors notified in May 2023.

Any Women's Health Program member may serve as a supervisor.


About UHNWomen

UHNWomen is a program to help empower and further uplift TeamUHN and A Healthier World. Women face unique gender-based challenges that span across a wide spectrum. These experiences impact everyone and compromise organizational outcomes – not only in terms of well-being, but also performance. An uplifted culture inspiring and generating interpersonal and organizational support, openness, resources, partnership, multi-directional learning and mentorship, and more, will improve outcomes for all, including staff and patients and across career levels.

Project Purpose

Creation of a multi-year strategic plan with implementation of early, visible wins is needed to re-launch and establish UHNWomen and draw on opportunities to align with numerous resources in research, education, skills-building, networking, both internally to UHN and externally.

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Support the Women's Health Program

The UHN Women's Health Program aims to improve the health and well-being of women through excellence in research, education, clinical care and advocacy. It also aims to build capacity in women's health research through the support of summer students, fellowships and early career researchers. We are currently seeking funds to create women's health summer studentships, fellowships and early career research awards.

Contact the Women's Health Program

University Health Network
Toronto General Hospital
Eaton Building
200 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON M5G 2C4

Phone: 416 634 8790
Fax: 416 595 5824

UHN Women's Health Program Manager

Karen Liu – Research Assistant

UHN Women's Health Program Leaders

Dr. Moira Kapral – Lillian Love Chair, UHN

Dr. Lianne Tile – Education Lead, UHN

map showing location of Women's Health Program at UHN

Our Newsletters

The Women's Health Program brings together researchers, educators, clinicians and advocates in the area of women's health, with the goal of providing a network for collaboration and for building capacity in women's health research and education. Our newsletter contains announcements, accomplishments, rounds, conferences and other information.

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