UHN values its partnership with suppliers and service providers, and their contribution to patient experiences and outcomes.

Together, we are delivering an exceptional level of care that consistently ranks us among the top hospitals in the world.

Business Opportunities with UHN

To search for procurement opportunities and award notices with UHN, please visit:

UHN also utilizes an electronic vendor response and evaluation tool

Contact Us

For further information, please contact us by emailing

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Supplier Terms and Conditions

Review UHN purchase order terms and conditions.

Supplier Terms & Conditions

Supply Chain Code of Ethics

UHN suppliers must adhere to ethical standards. The Supply Chain Code of Ethics defines UHN's expectations of suppliers including confidentiality, conflict of interest and transparency.

If you are aware of a violation of this code and are concerned about revealing your identity, you can access UHN's anonymous whistleblower line, ClearView Connects, at 1 866 344 4491 or through ClearView Connects.

SAP Business Network (Ariba)

UHN is transforming its supply chain processes to transact with suppliers within the SAP Business Network's procurement module, Ariba.

SAP Business Network (Ariba)

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