​Vendors provide UHN with external expertise in new technologies, opportunities to upgrade to new products and pharmaceuticals, and educate our staff in the use of their products. UHN's policy for vendors requiring access to patient care areas aims to improve organization and protect patient privacy. There are three types of vendors that may visit UHN:

Patient Care Duties: Hired by UHN to repair, install or maintain equipment related to patient care. May also attend treatment of patient to help operate equipment.  

Training Duties: Works for a company that has a contract with UHN and has been asked to train UHN employees on their product(s).

Sales/Relationship Building: Comes to UHN from a health care company to build relationships or demonstrate new product(s). 

Depending on the role, there are different requirements for vendor privilege approval. Applications for vendor privileges must to be submitted to 30 days before the start date of the agreement.