Starting in December 2023, UHN is changing the way it conducts business with suppliers. UHN's preferred method of transacting with suppliers is through the SAP Business Network. The introduction of this online platform is part of a broader transformation of UHN's Supply Chain organization.

What is SAP Business Network (Ariba)?

SAP Business Network (Ariba) is a cloud-based collaboration tool for buyers and suppliers. This tool makes it easier for buyers and suppliers to transact by automating procurement processes and creating efficiencies for both the buying organization and the supplying company.

The SAP Business Network allows UHN suppliers to:

  • receive purchase orders
  • confirm orders
  • track orders
  • manage shipping details
  • create invoices
  • receive notifications of payment online

How do I get started?

UHN suppliers are strongly encouraged to use the SAP Business Network (Ariba) to send and receive documents. Joining the network will enable us to optimize our processes and will create benefits for both UHN and its suppliers.

Transacting through the SAP Business Network is part of a broader Supply Chain transformation at UHN. Suppliers will be invited to join the network in waves.

UHN will notify you when we would like you to start transacting with us on the SAP Business network.

Watch for your notification letter which will provide more details, including how to sign up for an account.


For questions regarding supplier onboarding to the SAP Business Network, please send an email to

More information and resources:

Visit the UHN Supplier Portal: University Health Network Supplier Information Portal

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