Toolbox: Drug Coverage for Non-Ontario Residents

If you are from another province or territory special arrangements will need to be made in order for you to obtain your prescription medications in Ontario. Making these arrangements often requires special paperwork from your home province and can be a time-consuming process.

Residents from outside Ontario are strongly encouraged to start making these preparations as soon as possible, ideally before the time of transplant.

Transplant Outpatient Pharmacy is experienced in managing these out-of-province arrangements. Should you choose to have your prescriptions filled at Transplant Outpatient Pharmacy please visit us in the 12th floor Ambulatory Transplant Centre or contact us at 416 340 4415.

It is essential that you bring your health card, any private insurance information, and any special letters or documents from your provincial ministry of health regarding your drug coverage. Making these preparations in advance is critical to ensure that you are able to leave the hospital when you are ready with all of the medications you need.

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