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For those in need of a kidney or liver transplant, living donation is a shorter pathway to better health.

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The Centre for Living Organ Donation was created by UHN Transplant in 2018 to improve access to living organ donation for people who need a life-saving kidney or liver transplant and those who want to give a transformative gift of life.

Upcoming Events

Information Session for Potential Living Kidney Donors

Information Session for Potential Living Kidney Donors


If you are considering becoming a living kidney donor and have questions about how to become a donor, the assessment process and the recovery process, this interactive webinar session may help.
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Living Kidney Donor Event

Donor Champion Education Session


If you are a caregiver, friend, support person or loved one of someone in need of a kidney or liver transplant, are in need of a kidney or liver transplant and have questionson how to find a living donor, this interactive webinar may be helpful.
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Liver Transplantation and Hepatitis

Liver Transplantation & Hepatitis

July 23, 2020

Known as a "silent killer," an estimated 250,000 Canadians have Hepatitis C. Many of those who have it are unaware due to lack of symptoms. Typically, symptoms of the disease only appear after the liver is severely damaged. Join us for a presentation about liver transplantation and hepatitis, presented by Dr. Les Lilly.
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Their Stories

Joanne Kearney & Brendan Cahill

A Gift of Life for Valentine’s Day

Joanne Kearney & Brendan Cahill

On Valentine's Day 2017, Joanne Kearney was admitted to Toronto General Hospital with 4% kidney function. She would soon receive the life-saving transplant she had been waiting for, thanks to her husband's decision to donate his kidney to a complete stranger.

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Bojan Stoiljkovic

Celebrating International Nurse's Day

Bojan Stoiljkovic (Transplant RN), Volunteering in Toronto’s Long-Term Care Facilities

Bojan joined fellow nurses, physicians, support staff and members of the UHN leadership team to provide care to LTC residents, despite the fact that these facilities had become high-risk environments. With a pre-existing lung condition, Bojan is slightly more vulnerable than most, a fact that gave him pause.

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Alana Long

Alana Long

Living Liver Donor

"The feeling that you get when you realize you saved someone’s life – it's something you can't get anywhere else. It's something you did. It's a very unique feeling."

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Megan Thomas

Megan Thomas

"There's so much to celebrate"

Living organ donation has always been on Megan Thomas's radar. For most people, it is something they will likely never think about. For Meg and her family, organ donation and transplant have been a fact of life.

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