​​​​ Did you know? The centre for Living Organ Donation specializes in supporting patients and champions in finding a living donor. contact us at to learn more about how we can support you through your journey.  

Be part of their future. For those in need of a kidney or liver transplant, living donation is a shorter pathway to better health.

The Centre for Living Organ Donation was founded in 2018 to improve access to living organ donation for people who need a life-saving kidney or liver transplant, those who want to give the transformative gift of life and everyone who wants to be part of their future.

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The Centre hosts free virtual education sessions every Tuesday at 12 pm EST, as well as a monthly special topic series. Tuesday Webinars include How to Find a Living Donor, Information for Pote​ntial Living Kidney Donors; Information for Potential Living Liver Donors; and Financial Supports for Living Donors. The last Wednesday of the month at 12 pm EST is our Caregiver Information Session.

GiveLifeUHN YouTube

Join us for interactive webinars on topics of interest to kidney and liver patients, living donors and transplant recipients. Sessions feature UHN experts, living donors, patient partners, audience questions and more.

Save the Date Living Donoation Week 2024

Living Donation Week

Living Donation Week invites the community to come together, celebrate and spread the word about this life-changing gift and everyone who makes it possible! Register for an event, light up green and spread the word to BE PART OF THEIR FUTURE!

Living Donation Stories

Living Organ Donors

Living organ donors exemplify heroism through their selfless act of donating a part of themselves to save another's life. Read stories of Living Kidney Donors and Living Liver Donors here.

Transplant Recipients

Transplant recipients demonstrate incredible bravery as they navigate the uncertainties of surgery and the lifelong journey of managing a new organ, all while embracing the gift of life. Read stories of Living Kidney Transplant and Living Liver Transplant Recipients here.


Caregivers to organ recipients provide unwavering support, embodying compassion and dedication as they assist their loved ones, showcasing the profound impact of their role in the journey to renewed health and vitality. Read stories of Caregivers here.

Centre for Living Organ Donation

The Centre for Living Organ Donation
Ajmera Transplant Centre

Phone: 416 340 5400

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