TIME™ brings healthcare and community organizations together to make group exercise more accessible for people with balance and mobility challenges to keep physically active.


The TIME™ Program runs in community centres across Canada and is also offered online.


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 About TIME™


Together In Movement and Exercise (TIME™)
To learn about TIME™ and how to get this evidence-based group exercise program for people with balance and mobility challenges started in your community, please watch the brief (6-minute) video, or read more about it below.

What is TIME™?

Together In Movement and Exercise (TIME™) is a community-based program welcoming people with balance and mobility challenges to exercise.

It focuses on functional mobility exercises, done mostly in standing, with hand supports available to assist with balance. TIME™ is designed by physiotherapists at UHN: Toronto Rehab and led by TIME™-trained fitness instructors in community organizations across Canada.

Who Comes to TIME™?

Participants in TIME™ experience balance and mobility challenges, meaning that they may use a cane or a walker to get around, since they typically find it difficult to walk in the community.

TIME™ participants may be living with:

  • Neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury and multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Age-related mobility impairments and/or deconditioning
  • Weakness after an operation or extended hospital stay

Who is Eligible for TIME™?

To be eligible for the program, individuals:

  • Must be able to walk safely on their own without help from another person
  • Must be able to walk 10 meters (30 feet), or the distance needed to cross a street
  • May use their usual mobility aid, such as a cane, walking poles, and/or a walker
  • Are able to follow instructions and/or demonstrations
  • Can self-pace and participate in a 60-minute active class

What is the frequency and duration of TIME™?

Participants register for a session, or a block of classes, which includes a 60-minute exercise class, 2 times per week, for 8-12 weeks.

To help you stay active in between TIME™ classes, we've put together this list of exercise and wellness videos that are appropriate for people with mobility challenges. The selected videos work best for people who find it difficult to walk in the community and who use a cane or walker to get around. These videos can be found online and are available free of charge.​

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