Subsidy Information for Participants

Jo's TIME™ Fund (JTF) helps participants in financial need to keep active with TIME™ by subsidizing registration fees and/or transportation costs to the program. The goal of JTF is to increase access to exercise for as many people as possible. As a TIME™ coordinator or instructor, you can apply to JTF on behalf of your participants.

JTF can assist a participant with one or both of the following costs for every TIME™ session they attend:

  • TIME™ program registration fees to a maximum of $200 per participant
  • Transportation costs to a maximum of $400 to help with the round-trip travel to the approx. 20 TIME™ classes in a session

Steps to Apply for a JTF Subsidy

  1. We request the help of the community centre in identifying individuals who are in financial need using your usual criteria. We do not request any proof of finances and trust the community organization's decision that the participant would not be able to attend TIME™ without financial assistance.
  2. The community centre should exhaust their own subsidies first, before applying on behalf of their participant(s) to Jo's TIME™ Fund.
  3. The community centre covers the registration and/or transportation costs upfront, and then completes and submits the Subsidy Request Form to the Fund for reimbursement.

For more information or to apply for a JTF subsidy, please see the Subsidy Request Form 

Group doing step-up exercises  

To support our participants by contributing to the fund, visit Jo's TIME™ Fund

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