TIME™ exercises are designed to train your balance and mobility. They strengthen muscles in the legs and core and improve coordination, overall fitness, and ease of movement.

The exercises look similar to important movements performed in daily life, such as: rising from a chair, shifting your weight, reaching, and stepping up to a curb. With a ratio of 1 staff for every 4 participants, each class starts with a seated warm-up and ends with a seated cool-down, but the majority of the class is spent practicing these functional movements in standing.

Benefits and Testimonials

The following videos demonstrate the program and portray the many benefits for participants:

Participants in the TIME™ program have experienced significant improvement in balance and walking ability and reported the motivating benefits of exercising in a group class.

"Without any hesitation, without any exception and without any reservation, the TIME™ program is by far the very best thing I have ever done … to enhance my physical, emotional, and personal well-being. And to top it all off, I find this unique program empowering, self-enhancing and, perhaps best of all, a lot of fun."

"The TIME™ program … gave me confidence, strength and the will to do better. I feel good about what I have achieved through the program. The TIME™ program lifted me up – like the lift-off of a plane."

"There are many positive aspects to a program such as this, held in a convenient location, at our local Community Centre. It is a treasure. [My husband] is surrounded by people of all ages and sizes participating, by choice, in activities. There are babies swimming, and people walking and biking, and so on. It's a busy, happy place. For the past 10 years he has mostly been with disabled people. We are grateful for this program."

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