TIME™ programs across Canada have been interrupted due to COVID-19. We want to encourage our participants to continue to exercise and stay active while remaining at home. To help you find a routine that works for you, the TIME™ team has put together a list of exercise and wellness videos that are appropriate for people with mobility challenges. The selected videos work best for people who find it difficult to walk in the community and who use a cane or walker to get around. All these videos can be found online and are available free of charge.

To help you stay active, we've put together a resource list: TIME™ Exercise and Wellness Videos for People with Mobility Challenges PDF Icon.













 The TIME™ Program

Together In Movement and Exercise (TIME™) is a community-based program welcoming people with balance and mobility challenges to exercise. Everyone needs to exercise – to keep fit, stay healthy and move with more ease. But not everyone feels comfortable going to a typical gym class. TIME™ is special because it was developed specifically for people with balance and mobility challenges to stay active in their community.

TIME™ is based on health care and community organizations working together to make exercise accessible and fun! The group exercise program is designed by physiotherapists at Toronto Rehab, and led by fitness instructors in numerous community centres across the country.

People with movement challenges are at risk of becoming less active and TIME™ puts them in motion to improve their health and well-being through exercise.

Who comes to TIME™?

Participants in the TIME™ program experience balance and mobility challenges and are looking for a safe community exercise program. TIME™ participants may be living with:

  • Neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury and multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Chronic orthopaedic conditions
  • Age-related mobility impairments
  • Weakness after an operation or extended hospital stay​

To be eligible for the program, individuals must be able to walk at least 10 metres (30 feet) by themselves, with or without a cane or walker. This is roughly the distance to cross the street in a residential neighbourhood.

Join TIME™ at your local community centre, if you want to:

  • Be more confident in your balance
  • Feel stronger and be more active
  • Enjoy the many benefits of exercise
  • Move with more ease, in your home and community​​​​​

Click here to see the Canada-wide TIME™ Program Listings PDF Icon or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) TIME™ Listings PDF Icon and discover if there is a location near you.

Program details at each location may differ, but the general schedule is as follows:

  • Each session lasts about 8 to 12 weeks
  • Classes meet once or twice weekly
  • Each class is 1 hour long

Jo's TIME™ Fund 

Jo's TIME™ Fund can help TIME™ participants who are in financial need by subsidizing registration fees and/or transportation costs. The TIME coordinator/instructor at your local site must apply on your behalf. Please speak to them directly if you need assistance in accessing Jo's TIME Fund.

Learn more about Jo's TIME™ Fund and to make a donation.


 What to Expect When You Enrol

​​​​​TIME™ exercises are designed to improve balance and mobility. They strengthen muscles in the legs and core, and improve coordination, agility, and overall fitness.

The exercises look similar to activities that adults need to be able to perform in their daily lives. With a ratio of 1 staff for every 4 participants, each class starts with a seated warm-up and ends with a seated cool-down. In between, participants practice everyday activities such as:   

  • Standing up from a chair
  • Walking and stepping in all directions
  • Reaching, bending and lunging
  • Stepping on to and off of steps

Benefits and Testimonials

The following videos demonstrate the program and portray the many benefits for participants:

​Participants in the TIME™ program have experienced significant improvement in balance and walking ability, and reported the motivating benefits of exercising in a group class.

 "Without any hesitation, without any exception and without any reservation, the TIME program is by far the very best thing I have ever done…  to enhance my physical, emotional, and personal wellbeing.  And to top it all off, I find this unique program empowering, self-enhancing and, perhaps best of all, a lot of fun."  —  Written by a TIME participant who has had MS for 44 years


"The TIME program ... gave me confidence, strength and the will to do better. I feel good about what I have achieved through the program. The TIME program lifted m​e up – like the lift off of a plane." —  Written by a TIME participant


 "There are many positive aspects to a program such as this, held in a convenient location, at our local Community Centre.   It is a treasure. [My husband] is surrounded by people of all ages and sizes participating, by choice, in activities. There are babies swimming, and people walking and biking, and so on.  It's a busy, happy place. For the past 10 years he has mostly been with disabled people. We are grateful for this program."—Written by the wife of a TIME participant​

 Registration Information

​​The TIME Program at Toronto’s Harbourfront Community Centre
TIME™ at the Waterfront Neighbourhood
Centre in Toronto

Are you interested in joining a TIME™ program?

Find your nearest community centre using our Canada-wide TIME™ Program Listings PDF Icon or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) TIME™ Listings PDF Icon and contact them for more registration information.

You DO NOT need a health care referral to register for a TIME program. Please call the contact person identified on the site listings to begin the registration process. The TIME coordinator for your site will do a telephone screening call with you to ensure that the program is a good fit for you.

For those in financial need, inquire at your local community centre for centre-specific subsidies.

If subsidies are not available at your local centre, Jo's TIME™ Fund may provide help with TIME™ program registration fees and/or the cost of transportation.

Join TIME to experience the many benefits of exercise!

"Over the past 2 years, the TIME program has been integral to my recovery from an illness that greatly reduced my mobility. TIME is exceptional, providing a safe and active forum for exercising, rebuilding mobility, and inspiring confidence. The sense of camaraderie among my peers is encouraging.  It is a privilege to be part of such a positive community." — Quote from TIME™ participant


 Information for Health Care Professionals

​​​​​​​​​​​​This page is for anyone who wants to learn more about the TIME™ program, especially fitness and health care professionals.

How to Refer Participants

Individuals who would like to join TIME™ can self-refer to the program, but health care and fitness professionals can facilitate the process by providing them with a hard copy of Canada-wide TIME™ Program Listings​ or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) TIME™ Listings​, to help them contact the nearest community centre. For those in need of financial assistance to attend the TIME™ program, learn more about Jo’s TIME™ Fund.

​​​​How to establish a TIME™ program in your community

The step-by-step toolkit fully describes the process for setting up a TIME™ program and includes the Exercise Program and a multiitude of resources for implementation and training. The toolkit is entitled:

Howe JA., Brunton K., Catizzone, M., and Tse, D. (2019). Implementing a Community-Based Exercise Program for People with Balance and Mobility Challenges: A Step-By-Step Toolkit. University Health Network-Toronto Rehabilitation Institute: Toronto.

To obtain a TIME™ license

  • Click on purchasing a TIME™ Toolkit and licensing options.
  • Download the TIME Trademark License Agreement, Option 1 ($60).
  • Community partner to review and sign the agreement.
  • Return signed agreement by email to
  • Follow link to complete payment.
  • UHN will review and sign back License Agreement.
  • Toolkit materials will be sent out to community partner.

For implementation support, please contact

Facts About TIME™ – Together in Movement and Exercise

​Facts About TIME™ provides more information and Frequently Asked Questions about the program. Please feel free to share this with your team, director or manager to explore the potential of setting up a TIME™ program in your community.​

Other Resources

  1. Just in TIME™ Newsletter
    An electronic newsletter providing updates on the program and bringing the TIME™ community together. To sign up for the newsletter, please email
  2. Participant and Caregiver Experiences with the TIME™ Program: A Qualitative Study, 2015

  3. Published Pilot Program Evaluation
    Salbach NM, Howe J, Brunton K, Salisbury K, Bodiam L., Partnering to increase access to community exercise programs for people with stroke, acquired brain injury or multiple sclerosis​. Journal of Physical Activity and Health.
  4. Knowledge Mobilization Workshop – May 30, 2014
    On May 30, 2014, a large group of stakeholders from across Canada came together with the ultimate goal of increasing access to exercise programs for people who live in the community with balance and mobility limitations. The 53 attendees shared their successes in community-based programs, including reports of the benefits from participants who have exercised at the programs. We also identified the challenges for implementing and sustaining the programs and strategies to overcome them.
    Click here for a complete description of the meeting, and what we learned from it.
  5. Now published
    Salbach NM, Howe J, Baldry D, Merali S, Munce SEP. Considerations for expanding community exercise programs incorporating a healthcare-recreation partnership for people with balance and mobility limitations: a mixed methods evaluation. BMC Research Notes. 2018. DOI: 10.1186/s13104-018-3313-x.​
  6. New: Perspectives from Fitness Coordinators and Instructors: A Qualitative Study 2019
    Skrastins O, Tsotsos S, Aqeel H, Qiang A, Renton J, Howe J, Tee A, Moller J, Salbach NM. Fitness coordinators’ and fitness instructors’ perspectives on implementing a task-oriented community exercise program within a healthcare-recreation partnership for people with balance and mobility limitations: a qualitative study. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2019. DOI: 10.1080/09638288.2019.1570357.
    Nancy Salbach discusses fitness coordinators' and fitness instructors' perspectives on implementing TIME™ within a healthcare-recreation partnership. This 1-hour webinar was hosted by the Central East Stroke Network.
    Watch on YouTube

 Subsidy Information for Participants

NEW for March 2020: The maximum subsidy amount for registration fees has increased to $135.00. Please note that the subsidy request form has been updated so kindly use only the updated version PDF Icon.

The purpose of Jo’s TIME™ Fund is to help individuals in financial need to participate in a TIME™ program by fully or partially subsidizing his/her:

  • TIME™ program registration fees to a maximum of $135 per participant
  • Transportation costs to attend TIME™ programs: city transit and/or transit service for those with reduced mobility, (e.g., Wheel Trans, Handi-Transit, Para-Trans, i-Ride etc.) or taxi to a maximum of $150 over the span of one session/semester of TIME™ classes

Jo’s TIME™ Fund is a small fund that relies solely on personal donations. Thus, while we will do our best to reimburse fully, the Fund reserves the right to prorate the subsidy amount depending on capacity and demand for the Fund.

How Jo’s TIME™ Fund (the Fund) works and eligibility criteria

  1. We respectfully request the help of the community centre in identifying individuals who are in financial need using your usual criteria.
  2. If a need is identified, the community centre should use their own subsidies first, before accessing the Fund.
  3. The community centre covers the registration and/or transportation costs upfront, and then completes and submits the Subsidy Request Form PDF Icon to the Fund for reimbursement.
  4. Upon receiving your Subsidy Request Form, the Fund provides a subsidy (full or partial) back to the community centre. 

Additional criteria for eligibility for Jo’s TIME™ Fund

In addition, we also request that eligibility of the participant is further determined by the community centre and meets the following criteria:

  • not receiving funds from third-party payers (e.g., Workplace Safety and Insurance Board; Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund)
  • without financial support for registration and/or transportation, the participant would be unable to attend TIME™

Methods for reimbursement

Please fill out the Subsidy Request Form PDF Icon. The form will also provide you with additional helpful information.

Visit Jo’s TIME™ Fund for more information and find out how to make a donation.

What is TIME™ at Home?

TIME™ at Home is a pre-recorded exercise program hosted by a live virtual facilitator. This 60-minute program includes a seated warm-up and cooldown, and 40 minutes of exercise done in standing, practicing movements used in day-to-day life. Exercises have been adapted from the classic in-person TIME™ program to be done safely at home. Opportunity for online social interaction is incorporated before or after each class.

For a quick peek into a TIME™ at Home class, view this 1-minute video:

Information for Participants

Is TIME™ at Home right for you?

TIME™ at Home is best suited for people with balance and mobility challenges, meaning that they may use a cane or walker to get around and find it harder to walk in the community but can walk 10 or more meters. This program is not suited for individuals who need help from another person while standing, walking, or getting up from a chair.

When following along to the exercise video, participants will need to self-pace and self-select the exercises that are at the right level for them. Participants will also need some basic equipment at home, including a sturdy chair for sitting, a hand support for balance (such as a countertop), and a non-slip step or target using items from around the home. Participants will also need an email address and reliable internet access in order to join the classes from their computer or tablet.

Program Listings

To join a TIME™ at Home program, please check our TIME™ at Home (Virtual Program) Listings .

These sites are offering TIME™ at Home programs for members of their communities. Similar to the classic in-person program, these sites will offer smaller class sizes so you will be able to get to know your fellow participants and facilitators while online. To learn more or register, call or email the contact person identified on the program listings . To refer to the program at the KITE Clinics, please download the referral form .

The MS Society of Canada will continue to offer the TIME™ at Home program to participants across Canada in 2022. Due to its popularity and demand, registration priority will be given to people living with MS. People with other health conditions can still register if space is available. To register, please visit their website, or call the MS navigators at 1 844 859 6789.

Information for Community Partners and Health Care Professionals

With this virtual delivery model

  • The exercises can remain consistent from class to class, in keeping with the evidence-based classic TIME™ program where repeated practice of functional movements have been found to be most beneficial.
  • Participants are to self-pace and self-select from the standardized TIME™ exercises.
  • Social interaction (structured or unstructured) can be built in before or after each class.
  • Facilitators for TIME™at Home do not need to be certified fitness instructors.
  • Facilitators will participate in a 90-minute training session with the TIME™ team.

If you are interested in running TIME™ at Home, please view this 3-minute informational video about the license

To purchase the TIME™ at Home license, please click on the button below. If you have any questions, please email

Purchase the TIME™ at Home license