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Exceptional patient care is intrinsically linked to exceptional education. The Institute for Education Research (TIER) is focused on ensuring healthcare providers of today and tomorrow are ready.

Part of the UHN Research family, TIER plays a critical role in improving the quality of education and overall competency of learners, while helping to ensure health care providers across all disciplines are well-poised to respond to emerging technologies and medical breakthroughs.

About TIER
TIER’s ground-breaking model goes beyond traditional structures and welcomes researchers and partners from across the health care continuum, as well as the university and college sectors, to provide a fulsome view on health care education.


Driven by a network of recognized researchers with a passion and desire for inquiry and innovation, we will help transform health care education through experimentation, creativity, and curiosity.

Fostering a culture of research and building research capacity within the allied health professions is a priority for TIER. See what we have in store for learning, development, and networking opportunities.


Request Research Support

Build research skills through TIER's 'Ask for Research Support' service. Whether you want to collaborate with TIER or seek advice on advancing a project, reach out through TIER's request form.

The Science of COVID-19 Portal

The UHN Science of COVID-19 Portal is here to provide educational and clinical resources you can trust in this time of change. The volume of information – and misinformation – on this coronavirus is overwhelming.

The UHN and Michener Library Network is collaborating with partners across our organization to build the Science of COVID-19 Portal. The Portal curates reliable, authoritative sources of information to facilitate knowledge mobilization and enable our institutions to deliver the best health care, provide the best education, and lead research to end this pandemic.

On the Portal, you will find:

  • General epidemiology, virology and research resources.
  • Emerging Evidence: a place where you can ask questions on the science of COVID-19.
  • Resources aimed at clinicians needing to "upskill" to critical care or being redeployed to unfamiliar areas of practice.
  • Self-care aids to help you maintain wellness and resiliency during this pandemic.

Access these resources, and more, on the Science of COVID-19 Portal.

Resources are constantly being added to the Portal. For more information, please email Tim Tripp, Director, UHN Library & Information Services.

Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19

The Big Pivot in learning and teaching required – very suddenly – a halt of face-to-face learning and the rapid transition to alternate delivery, both academically and clinically. In the face of this pandemic and seemingly overnight, teaching and learning went virtual – and the volume of information on online pedagogy – best and emerging practices, how to transition to online, using simulation, supervising learners doing virtual care – became overwhelming.

To address this information overload, the UHN-Michener library team and Clinical Education are collaborating with partners from Learning, Innovation & Research (LIR) and The Institute for Education Research (TIER) to curate relevant, reliable sources of information to facilitate knowledge synthesis and mobilization to enable all our teachers and learners to realize the best education and best teaching and learning experience.

We will also be curating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our information SWAT team is ready to find the evidence to answer your questions about teaching and learning in the time of COVID.

Access these resources, and more, on the Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19 site.

Please send any questions or recommendations to:
Juanita Richardson – Manager, Learning Resource Centre, Michener Institute
Tracy Paulenko – Educational Development Leader & Interprofessional Education-Care Co-leader, UHN Clinical Education

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