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To adapt to emerging technologies, evolving systems and changing needs of patients, health care providers must expand their professional competencies to include research and inquiry. TIER is opening the doors to developing research for college-based health care professions, while also seeking education theories and practice to respond to emerging needs. Through our relationship with the Michener Institute for Education and UHN Research, we are leveraging existing structures to bring research, education and learning together.

Our Research Focus

Teaching, Learning and Practice

Exploring how to optimize learning in the professions using cognitive psychology, education science and social science perspectives.

Societies, Systems and Structures

Exploring how the organizational and social structures of health professional education and clinical settings impact education practice and theory.

Technology, Innovation and Simulation

Exploring how innovations in technology, including simulation and artificial intelligence, change the learning and practice experiences of health professionals.

 Our Scientific Leads


Maria Mylopoulos
Mathieu Albert