​​​​For our health care system to adapt to the needs of the 21st century and continually advance care, we must imagine, design and implement bold new ways of educating the health care workforce. This is driving force behind The Institute for Education Research at UHN (TIER@UHN).

Launched in 2019, TIER is one of seven institutes within the UHN Research family. Through the adoption of a unique research model, TIER@UHN welcomes researchers and partners from across the health care continuum and the university and college sectors, to provide a fulsome view on health care education. As a hub for experts to come together, incubate ideas and leverage expertise, TIER@UHN is shining a light on an under-researched field to develop the future of Canada’s health care professionals.


Our Vision

Leading the world in transforming health care education through experimentation, creativity, and curiosity.

Our Mission

Bridge theoretical and applied research, clinical practice and education to continually probe, think and push forward for better care.



Nicole Woods

Advisory Board

Kathryn Nichol
Renate Bradley
Lisa Di Prospero
Brian Hyndman
Marlene Scardamalia
Julie Vizza
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