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The Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP) at UHN is the largest hospital diagnostic lab in Canada and embarks on a wide range of activities beyond clinical diagnostics. LMP is involved in all facets of research at UHN, from supporting other UHN Principal Investigators (PIs) through service work to conducting its own studies.

All members of this Program are involved with research projects, the development of new laboratory tests and services and translating research into clinical practice. As part of our team's ongoing research and academics, our members regularly present their material at conferences, symposiums, and as platform presentations or scientific poster presentations.

Our LMP medical staff publishes in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including high-impact journals, as well as other publications. Our team publishes more than 500 PubMed-listed publications per year.

With its wide breadth of expertise and infrastructure, LMP also offers its services to external parties seeking laboratory services and/or collaborations. Ranging from simple fee-for-service activities to co-development partnerships, the LMP strives to help advance research and innovation across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

The program is supported by the LMP Research Office which helps with the administration of services for clinical trials and other non-clinical activities at LMP.

Method Validation

In the spirit of innovation and collaboration, LMP provides healthcare system and research stakeholders with the necessary support to validate new analytic methods whether it is related to laboratory-developed tests, or applications for Health Canada approval. The Laboratory Medicine Program at UHN is known for its appropriate and comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services that are of the highest quality and credibility.

Licensing & Distribution

As stakeholders of the Canadian healthcare system seek to bring their analytic or diagnostic tests and services to market, the Laboratory Medicine Program at UHN will be a key enabler in supporting the delivery to its Canadian clients.

Non-Clinical Services

The majority of services performed by the LMP for clinical use are also available to internal and external partners to support their research and innovation needs. For a list of tests that are regularly performed at LMP, visit the Lab Test Catalogue. Our clinical laboratories also offer tests unique for research work only and can develop special tests and assays for their clients. Examples include:

Clinical Biochemistry

Mass Spectrometry Lab

The Mass Spectrometry Lab will develop novel tests in unique matrices for research and external clients. Human and animal samples are accepted.

Key Contact: Dr. Vathany Kulasingam |

Tests developed for research purposes include:

  • Adenosine (urine)
  • Bile acids (BALF): Cholic, glycocholic and taurocholic acids in BAL fluid
  • Cortisol (urine)
  • Creatinine (serum)
  • Estradiol (serum)
  • Fatty Acid Profile (DBS)
  • Pentosidine (plasma): Total pentosidine in plasma
  • Metformin (serum: human, mice, rat)
  • Oseltamivir (in Tamiflu capsule)
  • Plerixafor (in Mozobil injection)
  • Salsalate (serum: human, mice, rat)
  • Testosterone (serum, gels and creams)
  • Vitamin D metabolites: 25(OH)D2, 25(OH)D3, and 24, 25(OH)D3 in serum
  • Voriconazole (serum)

Diagnostic Development Lab

Diagnostic Development Lab (DDL) performs tests for non-clinical clients. Human and animal samples are accepted.


Tests performed as research-only tests:

  • Inulin
  • Para-aminohippuric acid
  • FGF23 (intact)
  • C-Telopeptide (β‑CrossLaps)
  • N-Telopeptide (urine)
  • N-MID Osteocalcin
  • P1NP (procollagen‑type 1 N‑terminal‑propeptide)
  • IgE
  • Histamine
  • Bone ALP (Ostase BAP)
  • Cystatin C
  • BRAHMS Copeptin proAVP KRYPTOR
  • IL-6

Note: Other tests for which reliable immunoassay is available and can be validated in-house can be performed in agreement with the research client.

Pathology Research Program Laboratory (PRP)

The PRP offers consultative and technical services to researchers and clinical trial investigators for histological, immunohistochemistry and FISH cytogenetics investigations. The facility is led by Dr. Theo van der Kwast.

Contact: Melanie Macasaet-Peralta |


Tracey Lui 

Tracey Lui
Director, Translational Research & Innovation

Luke Brzozowski 

Luke Brzozowski
Senior Director, Techna and Diagnostic Innovation
Executive Lead, UHN Research and Innovation Cores


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