​​​The Sarcoma Site Group is committed to supporting dedicated research positions in basic science, radiotherapy, surgery and medical oncology. Our research focuses on three areas: Patient Information, Advancing Cure and Knowledge Translation.

We currently house the largest Sarcoma Clinical Research Program in Canada at Princess Margaret with five full-time research staff. Through these dedicated researchers and with the support of our patients, we are able to collect data on every sarcoma patient who is referred to our centre. This database captures information about each patient, their tumour and their treatment ranging from diagnosis to long term treatment followup. The patient experience is central to improving standards of care including: how to treat, whom to treat, and identifying patients who would benefit from new directions and innovations in treatment.

The critical "bench to bedside" approach to sarcoma research is key to advancing cure in rare diseases. The availability of rare tumour samples is enormously important in the study of the molecular mechanisms of disease; it supports translational research that will yield more personalized care plans. Thanks to the generosity of patients who have consented to participate in sarcoma genetic research and support our efforts, we currently house an extensive sarcoma surgical biobank at MSH for the benefit of our cross-institution team.

A robust bioinformatics program requires a biobank to link tissue samples to clinical data in a database.

The Sarcoma Site Group at Princess Margaret aims to continually advance the frontiers of our field through clinical and translational research so that we can provide cutting-edge treatment and management in medical, radiation and surgical oncology.​

Find sarcoma clinical trials at the Princess Margaret below, or go to the CanSaRCC website to find sarcoma clinical trials across Canada.

Open Clinical Trials

Last reviewed: 10/1/2023
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