​​The Leukemia Site Group at Princess Margaret is the only acute leukemia centre in the Greater Toronto Area. It is also the largest comprehensive leukemia program in Canada. The Leukemia Site Group is breaking new ground in the diagnosis, treatment and management of this complex malignancy.

The leukemia program at Princess Margaret also collaborates with numerous international ground-breaking basic, preclinical and clinical leukemia research initiatives. Our goal is to improve leukemia diagnosis and care, and to offer the best treatment possible to our patients.

Leukemia Tissue Bank

The Leukemia Tissue Bank at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre collects and stores samples from consented patients with a variety of hematologic disorders and other malignancies. High quality samples including viable cells, plasma and serum are available to qualified researchers at University Health Network, at academic centres around the world, and to industry. Learn more about the Leukemia Tissue Bank at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre »

Clinical Trials

At any one time, the leukemia program runs about 30 clinical trials. These include investigator-initiated, company-sponsored and cooperative-group-supported Phase I, II and III trials. No other Canadian leukemia centre has access to such a variety of trials.

Open Clinical Trials

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