​​​​​​​Attracting students and trainees from around the world, the Princess Margaret Leukemia Site Group plays an active role in teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, in both the MD and PhD streams, as part of the University of Toronto. We also provide ongoing continuing education opportunities for health​care professionals.

Medical Trainees

At the undergraduate level, the leukemia group provides teaching on blood disorders for second-year medical students at the University of Toronto and provides malignant hematology teaching for this component. Medical students also attend our outpatient leukemia clinics as part of their fourth-year elective clinic rotations. Our staff supervises additional medical students during undergraduate electives.

At the postgraduate medical training level, the leukemia physicians provide monthly leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome teaching sessions to internal medicine trainees during their hematology rotation. These trainees rotate through our outpatient clinics and also complete elective rotations with leukemia staff.

All residents in the Clinical Hematology Training Program at the University of Toronto rotate through 2 core months of leukemia-specific training – one month in ambulatory and one in combined inpatient leukemia/allogeneic bone marrow transplant. These highly rated rotations combine intensive supervised patient exposure, supplemented by regular one-on-one clinical and basic science teaching seminars given by staff leukemia physicians. In addition, some clinical hematology trainees will have longitudinal clinics at Princess Margaret, supervised by Princess Margaret leukemia staff.

We also offer an elective rotation in leukemia for medical oncology residents at the University of Toronto, as well as seminar-based teaching sessions to medical oncology and hematology residents as part of their core training and to Princess Margaret oncology fellows.

MSc/PhD Trainees & Postdoctoral Fellows

In addition to the undergraduate and postgraduate medical training described above, Princess Margaret leukemia staff who are involved in lab research also train basic science MSc and PhD students through a variety of University of Toronto departments, either as supervisors or as graduate supervisory committee members. Leukemia research staff also supervise postdoctoral fellows.

Continuing Medical Education

Princess Margaret Leukemia Site Group physicians provide numerous CME talks throughout the year to a variety of local, regional, provincial and national medical and non-medical audiences. The leukemia service hosts an annual Princess Margaret Leukemia Day.

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