​​Princess Margaret’s Central Nervous System Tumour Program is the largest of its kind in Canada. Combining the internationally acclaimed expertise of our interprofessional team with state-of-the-art advanced technologies, we treat and provide supportive care services for patients with primary and metastatic tumours of the brain, spinal cord and associated structures.

Incorporating the largest neurosurgical group in Canada, our neurosurgeons are oncology-focused and at the leading edge of oncologic neurosurgery.

As part of the Radiation Medicine Program, we have access to the latest technology and best-developed programs in intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). All our courses of radiotherapy are image guided.​

Our clinical trials program affords patients access to the latest developments in experimental medicine.

The Central Nervous System program has a clinical coordinator who manages the scheduling of the team members and services, ensuring the delivery of efficient, effective care for our patients and their families. Through our dedication to research and education, we are continually pushing the boundaries of clinical care and improving the quality of life for people with cancer, throughout their cancer experience.


Clinical Practice Guidelines

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre clinical practice guidelines are developed by multidisciplinary teams and are reflective of current evidence-based practice. These clinical practice guidelines provide information to referring institutions, regional and global partners, and assist in decision-making processes of individuals comprising multidisciplinary care teams.



Last reviewed: 2/2/2023
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