Guide for Physicians Referring to the Central Nervous System and Brain Tumour Clinic

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​Standard Referral

To complete the standard referral process:

  1. Download and complete the appropriate referral form.
  2. Prepare the following supporting documents:
    • Referral letter/Consult note
    • Pathology reports
    • Surgical procedure notes
    • Diagnostic imaging reports
    • Clinical notes
  1. Fax the completed form and all supporting documents to the fax number provided on the referral form.
  2. The referral will be reviewed to ensure that it is complete. If the referral form is incomplete or if documents are missing, the referral form will be returned to you.
  3. The referral office will contact you to provide information about the patient’s first appointment.
  4. Your office is responsible for providing the patient with the appointment information. This includes time and location, and important documents, test results and imaging that they must bring.
Last reviewed: 7/14/2019
Last modified: 1/14/2021 10:35 AM