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About Us

The Cancer Education Program at the Princess Margaret is leading in transforming cancer education for the future. We are a team of educators, researchers, instructional designers, digital media and knowledge exchange specialists who aim to provide greater access to high quality, up-to-date cancer education to health care providers, trainees, and patients and their families.

There is a global need for educational strategies to transfer discovery to practice at an accelerated rate. This need is necessitated by:

  • The incredible pace of biomedical and technological advances in cancer care
  • The expectation that the number of new cancer cases will increase by more than 30% by 2030
  • Dramatic increases in the number of cancer survivors living with sequelae of treatment and significant unmet care needs

Contact Us
If you would like more information about the program, please contact cancereducation@uhn.ca.

Our Goals

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The Princess Margaret can and must be the catalyst to do things differently and better for the future, globally.

We will lead in transforming the new health professional, and lead in transforming cancer care that engages patients and family as collaborators.

Our goals are underpinned by health literacy, patient activation, interprofessional excellence, research, collaborative change and knowledge translation. Learn more about the Cancer Education Program's goals »

Princess Margaret Cancer Education Strategy 2020-2025

The Princess Margaret Cancer Education Strategy 2020-2025 reflects the core role education plays in improving access to cancer care and the quality of care provided. The strategy leverages the vision for Education set out in the UHN Education Strategic Plan: Teaching and Learning for a Healthier World, and the Princess Margaret Cancer Program Strategic Plan: Future Care Now. The work of Cancer Education is guided and cross-cut by the following:

  • Education Science & Learning
  • Technology & Artificial Intelligence
  • Health Literate Care
  • Implementation Science

About the Strategy


Our departments include:

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Knowledge Translation

The Knowledge Translation Program provides structured educational programming for continuing education, trainee develop​ment and for patients and caregivers.

Find out more about Knowledge Translation »

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Cancer Education Research & Evaluation

The Cancer Education Research & Evaluation Program promotes and facilitates leading-edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research, in areas related to the goals of the Cancer Education Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Find out more about Research & Evaluation »

Our teams support:

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Cancer Campus

Transforming cancer education by providing just-in-time and intensive quality learning opportunities for providers, patients and caregivers toward sustainable cancer care.

Find out more about Princess Margaret Cancer Campus »

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Cancer Self-Management Research Centre

A hub for patients, caregivers and the public to access education and training to facilitate their roles as collaborators in cancer self-management.

Find out more about Princess Margaret Cancer Self-Management Research Centre »

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Cancer Health Literacy Research Centre

The Princess Margaret Cancer Health Literacy Research Centre is leading cancer health literacy and self-management research to enable providers, health care systems, and patients to work together to achieve better health.

Find out more about Princess Margaret Cancer Health Literacy Research Centre » ​


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