The Cancer Education Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre sees a future where:


Princess Margaret patients and caregivers have better health outcomes and better utilization of health services. As active self-managers: they understand their role in their care, are engaged and empowered; they are involved with their safety, and are satisfied with every aspect of their cancer health care.


Graduates of the Princess Margaret Cancer Campus from all over the world are renowned for their flexible, adaptive and innovative approach with patients, caregivers and team care resulting from the transformative education they experienced at the Princess Margaret and integrated into their practice. See also: Princess Margaret Cancer Campus »


Providers at the Princess Margaret, including non-clinical staff, are among the best interprofessional teams in the world because of the organization's commitment to transformative education, health literacy and the central role patients and caregivers hold as members of the interprofessional team.

Each of these goals is underpinned by health literacy, patient activation, interprofessional excellence, research, collaborative change and knowledge translation. Quality educational design, implementation and rigorous evaluation are key enablers of this work in order to disseminate innovations to the global community.


Last reviewed: 12/22/2022
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