The Cancer Education Video Award Competition is designed to solicit great ideas for educational development from various departments and individuals across the Cancer Program. Video resources can be directed to patients and families or for staff and/or trainees.

The Cancer Education Video Award Competition is supported by funds raised from the Cancer Education OneWalk Team. Videos produced will be made available on the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre YouTube Channel and/or on the UHN Intranet depending on suitability and target learners.

Congratulations to the 2022 Winners​

Suman Dhanju, Muriel Lopez, Leonard Benoit and Joanna Vautour

Winning Video Proposal: Developing a patient-facing video to explain what an Indigenous Ceremonial drum is (including its cultural relevance and benefits within the healthcare context) and how to access a ceremonial drum while receiving care at UHN.​

Satheesh Krishna Jeyaraj and Nathan Perlis

Winning Video Proposal: Developing a patient-facing video to explain what patients need to know when having a prostate biopsy. The video aims to demystify prostate biopsy, decrease hesitancy and anxiety for patients, and increase their compliance and comfort.​

Application Process

Who can apply

All applicants must be staff or trainees in the Princess Margaret Cancer Program. The video curriculum must be relevant to cancer education locally, nationally or globally. This competition is open to those departments and individuals who do not have funding to create videos. Applications open each Spring, with the winners announced at the Cancer Education & Video Awards Ceremony in the Fall. Check back in Spring 2023 for the next awards cycle.​

How to apply

  1. Read the Application Instructions.
  2. Complete the Application Form. Be sure to include the following information in your application:
    • Details of the video curriculum including the primary learning objectives (maximum 2 learning objectives)
    • Target population
    • Project summary including the relevance to the target learners
    • Justification for video modality
  3. Submit your completed form to CancerEduAwards@uhnresearch.ca.

Selection Process and Ceremony

Nominations will be reviewed by the Cancer Education Video Awards Selection Committee in late Summer. Winners will be notified and celebrated at the ​Cancer Education Awards Ceremony on September 9, 2022.​​​​

Past Winners

2021: Angela Cashell and Emily Kennedy

  • Proposal: Demonstrating the use of the Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) device for Radiation Therapy patients

2020: Lydia Beck and the Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Team

2019: Andrea Gomes

  • Video: Swallowing Exercises for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Starting Radiation Treatment
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