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Leads / Contacts:Tina Papadakos and Meredith Giuliani

​A hub for patients, caregivers and the public to access education and training to facilitate their roles as collaborators in cancer self-management, the Cancer Self-Management Research Centre is advancing the first goal articulated in the Cancer Education Strategic Plan: that patients at Princess Margaret will have better health outcomes and will better utilize the healthcare system due to their engagement as active self-managers.

The Cancer Self-Management Research Centre:

  • Collaborates on the development and evaluation of large scale digital health interventions
  • Provides health literate self-management curricula for patients, caregivers and the public
  • Conducts research on the effects of interventions on health outcomes collaboratively with the Cancer Health Literacy Research Centre and health care teams
  • I​nnovates in the field of digital health literate design, creating and testing user interfaces to maximize impact


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Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

Patients and caregivers report being overwhelmed by information and concerned about decision dilemmas including 'will this work for me?' and 'how will I cope with complications?' The 'Allo' digital education pathway provides innovative solutions to the stress of information overload by making education:

  • Accessible anywhere and anytime in digital form;
  • Digestible by creating an opportunity to self-serve micro bits of information at the learner's own pace;
  • U​nderstandable and easy to use through health literate design and adherence to plain language principles.

The Allo digital pathway is particularly innovative in using multimedia to create interactive simulations that support self-management by bringing content into the context of everyday life.

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Care at Home Cancer Rehabilitation

Collaborating with the Cancer Survivorship and Rehabilitation program, an 8-week cancer rehabilitation program was transferred into a blended curriculum that combines clinical visits and consults with online education and self-management tools, including videos, progress tracking, and other applications. 

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