What to Expect

Upon Arrival

Please speak to to a security guard, volunteer or nurse and state the nature of your medical emergency so you can receive the quickest and best care.

You may be asked to sign in and wait to be assessed by a nurse or you may be taken directly inside, depending on the urgency of your condition.

You or your companion will be asked to register to create a chart to document your care.


During Your Visit

You may need to wait at various points during your care, such as for the doctor to see you or for a room with specialized equipment to become available for testing. At any time, sicker patients may arrive and delay your treatment. We ask for your understanding when you must wait.

At any time, if you feel your condition has worsened or if you have questions, please speak to a nurse right away.

To prevent crowding, only one family member or companion can stay with you while you’re inside the Emergency Department.

You may be cared for by nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, nursing and medical students, resident physicians and technicians. All our staff should have a photo ID badge and will be happy to identify themselves and their role upon request.


After You’re Discharged

You should receive paperwork with important details of your care and instructions for any new medications or treatment that we have recommended. Please make sure you understand these instructions.

You’ll need to follow up with your family doctor or a specialist for on-going care. Please make sure that you understand when, where and how soon you should see your doctor and follow up.

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