Guide for Physicians Referring to the Emergency Department

Acute Care Referral

Physicians are welcome to refer appropriate acute problems to our Emergency Departments. Please do not refer pregnancy-related complaints or children who require specialist care as we do not have obstetrical or pediatric specialists on staff.


Whenever possible please provide the patient with a referral note which outlines the acute medical issues and past medical history and includes any relevant lab/imaging/consult reports.

Physician-to-Physician Contact

Please consider calling ahead to speak with one of our physicians or the nurse in charge in order to facilitate your referral.

Chronic Care Referral

If your patient has a chronic condition that requires the medical attention of a specialist, please view our list of programs, and follow the referral guidelines. We cannot guarantee that the Emergency Department will refer or expedite referrals for patients with chronic conditions to a specialist at UHN. Some patients will be referred back to their family doctor to make such arrangements.

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