About Accounts Receivable

In some situations when you visit UHN, you may need to pay for health care services that you receive at one of our hospitals. These situations will vary, depending on the health care coverage you have.

As best as possible, we will let you know about any applicable costs beforehand and discuss your payment options with you.

When applicable, we may need you to provide additional information or fill in the paperwork so that we can ensure that your health care services are paid for through a government program or your private insurance plan.

Our patients typically have one or more of these types of health care coverage:

Patients with an Ontario Health Card (OHIP Card)

If you have a valid Ontario health card, OHIP will pay for most of the health care services you receive.

The following services are not covered by OHIP, and you will need to pay for these:

  • Ambulance services
  • Preferred accommodation
  • Assistive devices – such as crutches, canes, splints, casts, gel wraps
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • De-listed procedures – including tattoo removal, repair of benign skin lesions, travel vaccinations, earlobe repair from earrings
  • Chronic co-payment
  • Certain ophthalmology procedures and implants

If you have private insurance, your insurance plan may cover the costs of some of these services. Find out about paying through your private insurance plan.

If you have lost your health card, find out how you can get a new card.

Patients Receiving WSIB Benefits

If you were injured at work and your treatment at UHN is related to your work injury, you must provide your WSIB claim number when you receive treatment. If you are treated in the Emergency Department for a work-related injury and you have not submitted a claim with WSIB, you must tell your health care team that this was a work-related injury and complete a form. Your employer should complete WSIB Form 7 and you should complete WSIB Form 6.

Get more information about WSIB coverage and claims.

Patients with a Health Card from Another Province or Territory

If you have a health card from another province or territory in Canada, most health care services you receive in Ontario will be paid for through a reciprocal agreement between the provinces and territories. When you arrive at UHN, provide your home address, your provincial or territorial health card and the expiry date of the card.

If you have lost your health card, find out how you can replace your card through your provincial or territorial health care office.

Patients with No Health Coverage or Private Insurance

If you do not have Ontario or other Canadian provincial or federal health insurance, you will be required to pay all estimated fees in advance.

If you have private insurance coverage, we will need to pre-authorize payment through your insurance plan before your admission. We may charge fees for appointments, assessments, diagnostic tests, procedures, treatments, assistive devices, drugs and follow-up appointments – these fees must be paid in advance.

Patients in the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)

If you are covered under the Interim Federal Health Program, you must tell the registration clerk when you arrive at UHN and provide a copy of your refugee papers.

International Patients

If you are a non-resident of Canada, you are considered an international patient. See UHN's International Patient Program for information. To find out how non-residents of Canada can be referred to UHN, call 416 603 5015.

Patients Receiving Other Benefits (Unbillable Categories)

If you receive Welfare/Family Benefits, Gains Supplement or Homecare and are charged for any health care services at UHN, simply attach the confirmation of your benefits (such as a Statement of Welfare or a Gains Supplement Statement) to your UHN invoice and mail the invoice back to us at:

Accounts Receivable – UHN
200 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4

For All Patients

Please note: If your insurance or the information you provide is not valid, you will be billed directly for services you received while at UHN.

A bill for services is due upon receipt. Invoices and statement reminders are sent out every 30 days. At 90 days, you will receive a final invoice. If the account remains unpaid 15 days after the final invoice, the account will be sent to our external collection agency.

For More Information

If you have questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Corporate Billing and Accounts Receivable department oversees billings for all health care services you receive at UHN, and we would be happy to help you by phone or in person at one of our cash offices.

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