​At the end of this program the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe the long-term complications and outcomes in adults with congenital heart disease
  2. Formulate a rational approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ACHD patients with heart failure
  3. Recognize congenital heart disease as a life span disease from childhood into adulthood
  4. Describe diagnostic and therapeutic options and strategies in patients with Ebstein anomaly, transposition of the great arteries, Fontan disease and pulmonary hypertension
  5. Understand the importance of a systematic, multidisciplinary team approach to provide excellent care for adults with congenital heart disease
  6. Recognize the advantage of participating in a network of centres with expertise in congenital heart disease
  7. Integrate the important role of advanced nurses/nurse practitioners/cardiac care associates to provide comprehensive care for adults with congenital heart disease
  8. Integrate modern treatment strategies for arrhythmias into your practice
  9. Assess the risks for pregnancy in women with congenital heart disease
  10. Recognise strengths and weakness of guidelines / expert consensus in congenital heart disease
  11. Understand the importance of early discussion of end-of life decisions
  12. Formulate challenges in patients with severe disabilities beyond the heart
  13. Recognize the needs to improve patient care, education and research globally