Abstract Submission

​​​Submission Deadline
Notification of Acceptance
Poster Presentations
Presentation of the ISACHD Young Investigator Award
Presentation of the ISACHD Non-Physician Investigator Award
April 16, 2018
April 27, 2018
June 6 – 8, 2018

June 8, 2018

June 8, 2018

Oral abstract presentations will be an important feature of this Symposium. Two oral abstracts related to the plenary session topics will be presented and discussed in some plenary sessions after the invited speakers have completed their presentations. There is a high chance that your abstract will be selected for an oral presentation if you submit an abstract to the following topics:

  • Fontan circulation
  • Ebstein anomaly
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Subaortic right ventricle
  • Heart failure
  • Arrhythmias
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension in congenital heart disease

Poster Presentations

The remaining abstracts will be presented as posters.


ISACHD Investigator Awards

The International Society of Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ISACHD) will award the best abstracts submitted by Physicians and by Cardiac Care Associates/Non-Physicians. The winners will receive the ISACHD Young Investigator Award and the ISACHD Cardiac Care Associate Investigator Award. Abstracts for whom the presenting author self-identifies as a Cardiac Care Associate/Non-Physician qualify for the Cardiac Care Associate/Non-Physician Investigator Award.

Please indicate on the abstract submission if you wish to be considered for the Cardiac Care Associate/Non-Physician Investigator Award.  


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Abstracts that do not follow the electronic format cannot be considered.
Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts to be presented at the 28th​​​ International Symposium on Adult Congenital Heart Disease.

Abstracts can only be submitted electronically, and are limited to 500 words (not including title, authors and institutions).

Work that has been previously presented at local, national or international meetings will be considered for presentation at the 28th International Symposium on Adult Congenital Heart Disease in 2018. However, material that has been already published as a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal will not be considered. If your abstract has been previously published in proceedings of scientific meetings but is not yet a published manuscript, it will be considered for presentation. Material from manuscripts, which have been accepted for publication and are "In Press" is acceptable.

Abstracts will be considered for all aspects of care for adults with congenital heart disease (ACHD), including cardiac issues in the inpatient and outpatient areas, ACHD nursing, surgical, anesthesia and perfusion research, interventional procedures, and diagnostic testing. The Faculty Members will select the accepted abstracts and notify the submitting author of acceptance by April 20, 2018. Acceptance of an abstract does not include course registration fees, transportation or lodging.

The recipients of the Investigator Awards will receive a waiver for the registration fee of the 29th International Symposium at Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA (USA) in 2019.

Posters should be oriented horizontally and may measure a maximum of four feet (120 cm) in height and eight feet (240 cm) in length. While video presentation cannot be provided by the course organizers at the meeting, presenters are invited to use their own materials (e.g., laptop) to display short movies or other relevant supplementary visual materials. Please contact Erwin Oechslin for more information in this regard.