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 What We Do

​The Pacemaker/Defibrillator Clinic provides diagnostic testing which can help doctors find many heart rhythm disorders, called arrhythmias. ​

These disorders happen because something has gone wrong with the heart's electrical system. It can mean heart rhythms that are too slow, too fast and too irregular. These rhythms may cause symptoms such as fainting (syncope) or feeling fast or irregular heartbeats (palpitations). 

Pacemakers and defibrillators are devices which are implanted under the skin, usually in the upper chest below the collar bone and are used to monitor and treat heart rhythm disturbances. Flexible wires called leads carry electrical impulses to the heart muscle.  Pacemakers regulate the heart beat by triggering slow heart rhythms. Defibrillators regulate the heart beat by treating fast heart rhythms and can deliver a shock in the event of a life threatening arrhythmia.  ​


How to Prepare

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 Materials and Resources to Help You

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 Meet Our Team

​​​​The Pacemaker/Defibrillator Follow-Up clinic is staffed by a team of qualified health professionals experienced in the assessment of heart rhythms. The team including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and administrative staff are part of the Electrophysiology Department in the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, where world class services for the diagnoses, assessment and treatment of heart rhythm disorders are provided.

Director of Electrophysiology

   Phone: 416 340 4422
Fax: 416 340 4457​

Director of Device Clinic​​

    Phone: 416 340 4339
Fax: 416 340 4338

Manager Electrophysiology:
Lana Abraham​​

Staff Electrophysiologists

Phone: 416 340 3172
Fax: 416 340 4710
Phone: 416 340 4982 
Fax: 416 595 1811​
Phone: 416 715 3510
Fax: 416 340 4862​
Phone: 416 340 3324
Fax: 416 340 3352​
Phone: 416 340 5237
Fax: 416 340 4710
Phone: 416 340 3194
Fax: 416 595 18​11 ​
Dr. Danna Spears
Phone: 416 340 3535
Fax: 647 693 7543​
Dr. Menashe Waxman
Phone: 416 340 3929​
Fax: 416 595 1811

​ ​Cardiovascula​r Surg​eons

Phone: 416 340 4928 
Fax: 416 340 5069 
Dr. Stepha​nie Brister
Phone: 416 340 4945 
Fax: 416 340 4946 ​
Phone: 416 340 4309
Fax: 416 340 3803​