​​​​Image of ACHD team members standing togetherIn congenital heart disease (CHD), a person is born with a defect of the heart caused by a development abnormality of one or more structures of the heart or its blood vessels. These can include narrowed or leaky heart valves, inefficient flow between the heart’s chambers, abnormal connection or chambers/arteries, and other abnormalities. In some cases, these defects do not produce symptoms until adulthood. Major advances in surgical and non-surgical techniques have allowed CHD patients to live longer than ever before.

The Toronto Congenital Cardiac Centre for Adults at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre is the only congenital cardiac centre for adults in Toronto and is home to the first and largest adult congenital heart disease (ACHD) program in the world.

The ACHD team includes cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and medical imaging physicians collaborating, to achieve the best outcomes for each patient.

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