What We Do

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre has seven cardiac surgeons on staff who have extensive experience in cardiac surgery.

Cardiac Surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of heart disorders. Our patients' operations can often be very difficult to do, and we're a major referral centre for patients across the province and the country. As well, we see international patients who need complex cardiovascular surgery.


Our health care team has the expertise to treat adults with:

  • Congenital Heart Conditions
  • Coronary Artery Disease requiring Heart Bypass Surgery (also known as open heart surgery)
  • End Stage Heart Failure
  • Heart Transplantation
  • Heart Valve Conditions (i.e. Valve Repair, Reconstruction or Replacement)
  • LVAD Implantation
  • Thoracic Aneurysms

Did You Know ... UHN

  • Is one of the major heart transplant centres in Canada, performing more than 20 heart transplants yearly
  • Was the 1st to clinically use Heparin, a blood thinner for open heart surgery
  • Led the development of the 1st heart pacemaker
  • Developed the 1st successful heart valve transplant
  • Is the 1st hospital to perform ventricular volume reduction, a surgical procedure to reduce enlarged hearts for those suffering congestive heart failure

How to Prepare

Learn more about what you can expect when you have a clinic appointment.​

 Materials and Resources to Help You

The Patient & Family Education Program at UHN offers valuable resources to help you understand your condition.

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* These material(s) are also available in other languages.

More information on cardiac and heart Health:

Visit our health information section.

Having Surgery?

Our team performs some of the most complex surgeries in Canada. Find out how to prepare and what to expect during and after your hospital stay by reading Your Heart Surgery guide.

 For Your Heart Surgery

Watch these videos to help you get ready for and recover after your heart surgery:

Preparing for Heart Surgery

Recovering from Heart Surgery

Cardio Surgeon Clinic - Clegg ​​

 Meet Our Team

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre cardiac surgeons have extensive experience in cardiac surgery.

Division Head of Cardiovascular Surgery:

Dr. Maral Ouzounian
Phone: 416 340 3562
Fax: 416 340 3337

Cardiac Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Chung
Karen Noreiga
Phone: 416 340 4745
Fax: 416 340 3498

Dr. Robert James Cusimano
Edith Dingal
Phone: 416 340 4928
Fax: 416 340 5069

Dr. Tirone David
Victoria Vessio
Phone: 416 340 5062
Fax: 416 340 4020

Dr. Piroze Davierwala
Rachel Needham
Phone: 416 340 4513
Fax: 416 340 5317

Dr. Maral Ouzounian
Victoria de Melo
Phone: 416 340 4218
Fax: 416 340 4580

Dr. Anthony Ralph-Edwards
Ana Silva
Phone: 416 340 4309
Fax: 416 340 3803

Dr. Vivek Rao
Marie Limbo
Phone: 416 340 3562
Fax: 416 340 3337

Dr. Terrence Yau
Emily Wu
Phone: 416 340 4074
Fax: 416 340 4385​

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