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An echocardiogram uses sound waves (ultrasound) to record moving images and is useful for assessing the size of the heart chambers and walls, heart muscle function, heart valve function, blood clots or masses in the heart, fluid around the heart, presence of holes or defects between the heart chambers, and abnormalities of blood flow within the heart. It can play an important role in managing the medical care of cardiac patients and timing cardiac surgery.

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre maintains a focus on treating individual patients with compassion and respect. Our team excels at working together to help patients and families at every stage of their care. We're well known for our high patient satisfaction record, and we're committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our cardiac and vascular patients.


How to Prepare

The type of test you'll have will decide how long your appointment will last.

You won't be able to get the results of your exam right away. The images are recorded on disk for future review at UHN, and a cardiologist looks them over and interprets them within 72 hours. We will send a report to the physician who referred you. Please contact your doctor to follow up on your results.

Learn more about what you can expect when you have a clinic appointment.​

 Materials and Resources to Help You

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 Meet Our Team

Treating and caring for people with heart disease takes a well-coordinated team. Your team at the Echocardiography Lab is made up of world-class healthcare professionals working together for you and with you. Your team includes doctors, cardiac sonographers, anesthesia assistants, administrative support staff, volunteers and many others dedicated to helping you and your family.

Medical Director: Dr. Dinesh Thavendiranathan

Echocardiography Lab Manager: Lizette Biclar

Staff Physicians

Charge Sonographers

Ging Biliran
Jennifer Day
Marc Oliver
Kari Strickert
Karen Teune


Beata Bruchal-Garbicz

Cardiac Sonographers

Zubariya Ahmed
Kaylee Bent
Abdullah BinSahl
Erin Boriska
Julia Castagner
Laura Cheaney
Nelson Eng
Fan Feng
Joy Gao
Emilya Garvey
Farhana Jaman
Amy Ji
Cathy Lau
Donna Lee
Alexandra Legendre
Frannielou Lucero
Grace Ly

Jennifer Marbil
Stephanie Nguyen
Svetlana Nikonova
Isaiah Noriega
Pooja Patel
Arlene Pazmino
Fahmida Pia
Ayesha Rana
Ramandeep Sandhu
Jason Salazar
Natalia Tchalova
Michael Townend
Meghan Tucker
Alessia Vivona
Darya Vorobyova
Hua Yang
Sun Ju Yun

Administrative Support Staff

Alicia Charles
Mai Chu
Chona Galicia
Tyshima Mason
Lindsay Ney
Pam Sumagui-Cabioc​

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