Programs at Hillcrest Reactivation Centre

Hillcrest's Adult Day Program supports clients' reactivation goals through the following activities:

  • Group physiotherapy
  • Adaptive exercise
  • Safe sports
  • Expressive arts

Amenities at Hillcrest Reactivation Centre

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About Hillcrest Reactivation Centre

In December 2017, University Health Network, in partnership with Saint Elizabeth Health Care, opened the Hillcrest Reactivation Centre's doors to clients requiring an Alternate Level of Care (ALC), thereby effectively expanding the current level of support and services avail­able to this patient population, as they prepare to return to their community. Hillcrest transitioned to become a fully UHN-run facility in January 2022.

The reactivation program at Hillcrest serves several purposes, including:

  • Assisting clients as they transition from hospital to community in a comfortable and supportive setting
  • Reducing ALC pressures on acute care hospitals; reducing the need for Long-Term Care Home placement
  • Supporting clients regain their independence
  • Decreasing the risk of re-admission to an acute care hospital.

Contact Hillcrest

47 Austin Terrace
Toronto, ON
M5R 1Y8

Administrative Offices

General Inquiries
Phone: 416 531 2626

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