Women's Health Program Summer Studentship

Beginning in 2022, the UHN Women's Health Program will hold a summer studentship competition open to health sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, and public health undergraduate students, medical students and students enrolled in course-based graduate programs.

Any Women's Health Program member may serve as a supervisor. The following is a list of members who have indicated they would be willing to supervise a student.

All resources are in PDF  format unless otherwise indicated.

UHN Women's Health Program Students and Funding Recipients

StudentProject NameSupervisorInstitution
Atousa Assadi The risk of respiratory depression associated with opioid medication in womenDr. Azadeh YodollahiUniversity of Toronto
Bronwen O'Callaghan Establish key outcomes and associated measures of success for the UHNWomen StrategyDr. Moira Kapral and Catherine WangQueen's University
Shaghayegh ChavoshianPotential factors for the higher prevalence of OSA-asthma overlap in womenDr. Azadeh YodollahiUniversity of Toronto
Yajur IyengarWHEN/NOW: A shared decision model project on Women's Health Evidence-Based neurology in collaboration with University of Waterloo pharmacy
Obstetrical and Neurological Outcomes in Women with Epilepsy during Pregnancy
Dr. Esther Bui University of Toronto
Mohitt KhindaEnvironmental scan: Evidence regarding productivity and efficiency gained through limiting meetings and work hours
Alignment between UHN Women initiatives and the highest standard of equity-driven workplaces
Dr. Moira Kapral and Catherine WangUniversity of Waterloo
Nikola PucninImpact of COVID-19 on access to mental health care for women of lower socioeconomic status living with diabetesDr. Valeria RacUniversity of Toronto