​Women's Health Program Summer Studentship

Beginning in 2022, the UHN Women's Health Program will hold a summer studentship competition open to health sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, and public health undergraduate students, medical students and students enrolled in course-based graduate programs.

Any Women's Health Program member may serve as a supervisor. The following is a list of members who have indicated they would be willing to supervise a student.

All resources are in PDF  format unless otherwise indicated.

UHN Women's Health Program Students and Funding Recipients

StudentProject NameSupervisorInstitution
Shaghayegh ChavoshianPotential factors for the higher prevalence of OSA-asthma overlap in womenDr. Azadeh YodollahiUniversity of Toronto
Atousa Assadi The risk of respiratory depression associated with opioid medication in womenDr. Azadeh YodollahiUniversity of Toronto
Nikola PucninImpact of COVID-19 on access to mental health care for women of lower socioeconomic status living with diabetesDr. Valeria RacUniversity of Toronto