​​​Women's Health Program Summer Studentship

Beginning in 2022, the UHN Women's Health Program will hold a summer studentship competition open to health sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics and public health undergraduate students, medical students and students enrolled in course-based graduate programs.

The 2024 UHN Women's Health Summer Studentship Program is Now Open. Applications are due Friday, March 29, 2024 at 5:00 pm EST

Any Women's Health Program member may serve as a supervisor. The following is a list of members who have indicated they would be willing to supervise a student.

All resources are in PDF  format unless otherwise indicated.


UHN Women's Health Program Students and Funding Recipients

Student Project Name Supervisor Institution
Adeife Akingbade Co-Development of an Educational Toolkit to Support Young Women's parental role, responsibilities and goals post-stroke Dr. Aleksandra Pikula University of Waterloo
Aria Panchal Made for Men, Used by Women: Assessing Injury Risk and Promoting Inclusive Design in Gym Equipment for Women's Health Dr. Sophia (Yue) Li University of Toronto
Bethlehem Teshome Equity Impact of Tele-retina Screening Program for those who self-identify as women from lower socio-economic groups Dr. Valeria Rac University of Toronto
Christine Krupa The pain in pregnancy program Dr. Rebecca Titman University of Ottawa
Judy Chen Sex and gender reporting in neurological clinical trials resulting in US FDA drug approvals Dr. Esther Bui McGill University
Madison Chan Mitochondrial integrity in female kidney transplant recipients with ischemia-reperfusion injury Dr. Ana Konvalinka Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
Megi Bofja Non-Traditional Risk Factors for Stroke among Women Aged 18-50: A Province-wide Retrospective Analysis Dr. Moira Kapral University of Toronto
Papina Gnaneswaran Equitable and Accessible Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea Based on Audio and Video Processing for Women Experiencing Homelessness Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi University of Toronto
Rachel Barbieri EMPOW-Her: Exploring Metods to Improve Participation Of Women in Clinical Trials To Help Enhance Stroke Recovery Research Dr. Susan Marzolini McMaster University
Samuel Soriano Assessing How Dolutegravir Negatively Affects Decidual Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity with Extra Villous Trophoblast Migration Dr. Lena Serghides University of Toronto
Sapphire Newman Fogel Meta-Analysis of Sex Differences in Cardiac Rehabilitation Completion Dr. Tracey Collella Queens University​


UHN Women's Health Program Students and Funding Recipients

Student Project Name Supervisor Institution
Nikhila Butlani Wholesale cardiac Imaging Surveillance with Echocardiography and Radionuclide assays during breast cancer chemotherapy (WISER)
Dr. Husam abdel-Qadir University of Toronto
Rhea Jangra A proposal to identify putative biomarkers of response and resistance to endocrine therapy in advanced endometrial cancer Dr. Neesha Dhani Queen's University
Olivia Lee The Role of Diet Quality in Prevention of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women Dr. Michelle Nadler McMaster University
Linda Lu Sex Differences in Biochemical Profiles of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm for Personalized Medicine Dr. Ouzounian and Dr. Gramolini University of Toronto
Christina Pizzola The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health outcomes and barriers and enablers for accessing healthcare for women living with HIV Dr. Sharon Walmsely and Alice Zhabokritsky University of Ottawa
Delaaram Sadatamin Developing a person-centered textile technology for frequent and accessible monitoring of sleep apnea and its types in women with cardiovascular disease Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi University of Toronto
Annika Sivak Comparing the impact of different HIV antiretrovirals on placenta structure using stereology Dr. Lena Serghides McGill University
Lindsey Zhang Women's Perspective on Brain Health & Lifestyle Medicine in Stroke Prevention Dr. Aleksandra Pikula University of Ottawa


UHN Women's Health Program Students and Funding Recipients

Student Project Name
Supervisor Institution
Atousa Assadi The risk of respiratory depression associated with opioid medication in women Dr. Azadeh Yodollahi University of Toronto
Bronwen O'Callaghan Establish key outcomes and associated measures of success for the UHNWomen Strategy Dr. Moira Kapral and Catherine Wang Queen's University
Shaghayegh Chavoshian Potential factors for the higher prevalence of OSA-asthma overlap in women Dr. Azadeh Yodollahi University of Toronto
Yajur Iyengar WHEN/NOW: A shared decision model project on Women's Health Evidence-Based neurology in collaboration with University of Waterloo pharmacy
Obstetrical and Neurological Outcomes in Women with Epilepsy during Pregnancy
Dr. Esther Bui University of Toronto
Mohitt Khinda Environmental scan: Evidence regarding productivity and efficiency gained through limiting meetings and work hours
Alignment between UHN Women initiatives and the highest standard of equity-driven workplaces
Dr. Moira Kapral and Catherine Wang University of Waterloo
Nikola Pucnin Impact of COVID-19 on access to mental health care for women of lower socioeconomic status living with diabetes Dr. Valeria Rac University of Toronto​
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