autopsy services

The Autopsy Service at UHN is a robust, high-complexity service providing expert examination and evaluation of patients who have died from natural causes. The Service performs approximately 75 autopsies per year, currently available only to UHN patients. Consultations (second opinions) are also offered, with plans to further expand services for broader audiences in the near future. Pathologists, pathologist assistants and diverse trainees are involved in the service on a routine basis.​

Key Roles

  • Evaluating cause and manner of death
  • Quality assurance of medical diagnostics and care
  • Learning and education
  • Facilitating downstream research

Requesting an Autopsy

Autopsies must be requested through a UHN staff physician. Procedures for care of a patient after death can be found in UHN policy 3.30.003.

Completed Cases

For questions about results from an autopsy, please contact the physician caring for the patient at the time of death or Health Records. Further questions around completed cases should be addressed to Patient Relations, who are the best equipped to navigate our complex healthcare system. The autopsy service is not allowed to discuss case results directly.


Michael Seidman 

Division Director: Dr. Michael A. Seidman

For questions, please contact Autopsy Services at 416 340 4988.

Staff Physicians

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