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Patient Relations

The Patient Relations office is here to support you through your experience at the hospital and assist you with questions or concerns. We act as an ombudsman for patients and their families. Whether you have a complaint, a suggestion or a compliment, we’d like to hear your feedback.

What To Do If You Have A Concern

As a first step, you may wish to speak with your care providers directly, or take the matter up with the manager of the unit or your attending physician. If you don’t feel satisfied after this, please feel free to contact the Patient Relations office for help.

When To Contact Us

  • When you have general questions or would like information about services at UHN
  • When you want to give us your ideas or suggestions
  • When you have concerns, or grievances, about UHN services or interactions with UHN staff or physicians.​

Who Can Make Complaints?

We can collect feedback from any patient, family member, or visitor of UHN. If an issue related to a specific patient needs to be investigated or reviewed, we must speak with the patient directly (or their Substitute Decision Maker/Power of Attorney, if incapable) to obtain their consent.

What We Can Do For You and Your Family

  • Hear your concerns in a supportive and respectful way
  • Follow up on your concerns, so that our staff and doctors are aware of the issues and can respond to them
  • Answer your questions about the way we operate at any site of the University Health Network
  • Assist in discussions between patients, family members, and the health care team
  • Listen to what you have to say about our services, policies, and procedures at UHN
  • Take action, if possible, on any of your suggestions to improve the services, policies, and procedures at UHN
  • Investigate issues of concern. Our goal is to review and help resolve any conflicts that you may be having
  • Receive your compliments or positive feedback and share these with the health care team and administration​

What Comes From Our Discussions With You

The issues you bring to our attention don’t get “filed away” – we work with physicians and senior members of management in order to improve our patients’ experience at UHN. All of our patient feedback is documented and reported to senior management and the board of directors, to help guide decision making at UHN.​