Teaching Frameworks

At The Michener Institute of Education at UHN, you cannot help but be involved in interprofessional education. That could mean taking part in a structured student IPE placement, or engaging in other IPE activities such as attending team rounds and family meetings, shadowing a team member from another profession, or reviewing a patient chart.

Staff opportunities for interprofessional education at The Michener Institute of Education at UHN are also critical. IPE activities are open to all team members as part of our culture of lifelong learning. Interprofessional care and collaborative practice have many champions at both the professional and program levels across the hospital campuses. These champions host interprofessional care and education rounds and workshops, train and develop IPC/E facilitators, and model interprofessional patient-centered care.

Temerty / Chang Telesimulation Centre

Responding to the critical need for change, the Temerty / Chang International Centre for Telesimulation and Innovation in Medical Education at UHN, Toronto Western Hospital, is bridging a crucial gap in health care in developing countries. Using the latest telecommunications and simulation technology, the centre provides training in Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) over the internet for doctors around the world. Surgeons who complete the centre's program will improve the skills necessary to perform safer, less invasive procedures. The centre is the first of its kind in the world and will play a pivotal role in achieving the following goals:

  1. Increase the number of surgeons certified in Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery
  2. Evaluate new technology, equipment and methods to advance telesimulation training programs
  3. Conduct ongoing research on the impact of telesimulation on patient safety
  4. Expand telesimulation training models to other medical disciplines and health care professions such as nursing and biomedical engineering

Ho Ping Kong Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice

The HoPingKong Centre for Excellence in Education and Practice (CEEP) is dedicated to improving medical education at the bedside through innovation and scholarship. The Centre’s purpose is to educate physicians for scholarly careers in General Internal Medicine and train the next generations of doctors who teach. Our group is committed to pioneering new ways of using high fidelity simulation for teaching clinical skills and in emphasizing the importance of the art of medicine.

With a primary purpose that is unique worldwide, the HoPingKong Centre has developed an international following, attracting specialists in training from Canada and abroad. Partnerships with other education centres and a strong emphasis on scholarship ensure that the cutting-edge work done at the HoPingKong Centre benefits learners from across the globe.

Anesthesia Simulation Centre

The Anesthesia Assistants group at UHN manage the Anesthesia High Fidelity Simulation Centre, which is used to:

  • Training and maintenance of AA staff competency
  • Providing ACLS reviews for nurses
  • Reviewing crisis management scenarios with anesthesia residents and medical students
  • Training MSICU nurses in extracorporeal life support
  • Reviewing interprofessional team communication

The simulation program coordinator works collaboratively with clinical educators from various disciplines to create unique scenarios that are tailored to the specific educational and training needs of the group utilizing the centre. The scenarios provide formative and summative assessments with structured feedback for the participants.


With 20,000 square feet of simulation space, the Centre for the Advancement of Simulation and Education (CASE), located at the St. Patrick Campus of The Michener Institute of Education at UHN, is one of the largest simulation-based learning centres in Canada and will serve our larger community as an innovative space where interprofessional, simulation-based learning and evaluation can occur. Our expertise in curriculum design and delivery makes our centre the perfect partner in your organization’s learning and education plans. You can address complex team training or high-stakes assessment of clinical skills at CASE.

Simulated Participant Program

As a member of the global simulated participant (SP) community of practice, we are a leader in SP methodology. We are dedicated to inspiring lifelong learning, bridging student success at entry-to-practice with continuous professional development through innovative human-centred communication. Visit our page to learn more about our Simulated Participant Program and how to utilize our services in designing your curriculum.

Emergency Medicine Simulation

Research Simulation Labs – Toronto Rehab KITE

Visit Toronto Rehab KITE to learn more about the simulation labs at Toronto Rehab used for research and innovation.



Learner Leadership Advisory Committee (LLAC)

The UHN Clinical Learner Leadership Advisory Committee (LLAC) provides a novel opportunity for learners to contribute their unique perspectives to educational and organizational planning and processes while strengthening their leadership skills in areas such as:

  • Making specific recommendations to improve learners’ experiences
  • Participating in strategic planning and other design sessions
  • Contributing to organization wide events
  • Participating in committees
  • Adding perspectives in focus groups
  • Participating in learner and UHN staff leadership initiatives across the UHN campuses, etc.

For further information or to request learner participation, please connect with Student Services.